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Council tax now up by 201% since Labour took control of Wales in 1997

Latest figures confirm council tax has now risen by over 200 percent since Labour took control of Wales in 1997.

This year’s average council tax in Wales has risen by an inflation-busting 5.07% - above the informal cap set by the Welsh Labour Government. Council tax has now risen in Wales by an astonishing 201% since 1997/98, when Labour took control of Wales.

The highest council tax for a Band D property in Wales is now in Blaenau Gwent at £1,827.94 – over £100 higher than Rotherham, a similar post-industrial local authority in England (£1,719.18).

Shadow Local Government Secretary, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:

“Over the past twenty years, Labour ministers in Wales have reigned over soaring council tax.

Hardworking Welsh families have been hammered in the pocket by consecutive Labour administrations which believe in tax, tax and more tax.

“While Jeremy Corbyn attempts to lecture on council tax in England, his colleagues in Wales have overseen huge rises in council rates during the past two decades.

“It simply goes to show you cannot trust a word the Labour Party says when it comes to your taxes.”