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Council adding insult to injury - opinion piece on schools reorganisation

A statutory notice has been issued for the proposed reorganisation of Rhondda and Tonyrefail schools after the Labour Cabinet in RCT failed yet again to listen to any of the concerns raised by parents, pupils, governors, former heads and others.

They want to create "middle schools" as they insist on calling them or through schools as they are more commonly known, 3 to 16 or 3 to 19 age schools.

They have today placed a video on the RCT website extoling the virtues of the plan, but yet again they are missing the point by several miles and rubbing salt into the wounds with their nonsensical arguments and presentations.

The fancy pictures shown on the video bear absolutely no resemblance to what is on offer at Porth and Tonypandy. They show vast areas of green fields and plenty of space for new builds. They talk of Aberdare school which was built alongside new sports fields. It is also a secondary school only - a totally different proposal.

Just how stupid are they, or do they think the public are?

Tonyrefail, the ward of the Cabinet Member for Education is the only new school proposed. There they have plenty of space to segregate secondary and primary pupils and surround them with nice green fields and playing areas. The rest of us get cramped sites where the younger children will not have the outside facilities they currently enjoy and which are part of the requirement for the Foundation Phase as laid down by Welsh Government.

They show interviews with the Head and Deputy of Llanhari. Again a school with loads of space surrounding it and none of the problems that will be associated with the limited sites at Porth and Tonypandy. She talks of how teaching continued uninterrupted whilst building works took place. That is because Llanhari was nowhere near capacity, the school itself had plenty of space and considerable outside space.

It is insulting in the extreme for the Labour Cabinet and the Director of Education to keep trying to persuade people this is a great idea by showing them 'what they could have won.' They really ought to hang their heads in shame.

Karen Roberts


    What is the true cost of the Aberdare New school on the Ynys site it was in the region on £50 million but it must have exceeded that with all the delays etc.