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'CLOSED' - Labour's 'key' jobs programme

As it’s revealed the Labour government’s ‘flagship’ jobs creation scheme has now been closed, following a message on the Careers Wales website, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Business William Graham AM, said:

“This was Labour’s flagship Welsh employment scheme - trumpeted by both Ed Miliband and Labour’s Welsh First Minister.

“Now it’s effectively scrapped. You couldn’t make it up. It’s yet more evidence of a Labour party that’s entirely lost on the economy.

“Brushing a ‘key policy’ aside in Wales will give voters absolutely no hope that Labour can be trusted with our economy.

“It’s an embarrassing admittance that all was not what it seemed and Labour talk of the scheme’s huge success has been rubbished.

“There were always question marks over this programme, not least in recent secretive in-year cuts, with talk of money being desperately siphoned off elsewhere.

“Welsh Conservatives slammed that lack of transparency or explanation – and now it’s clear that Labour was already winding the scheme up.

“Labour’s Ed Miliband should front up and explain both why his Welsh party leader has pulled the plug on their key scheme and what policies he has for job creation going forward.

“If Labour don’t like Jobs Growth Wales anymore, presumably that means it’s off the cards for Ed in England.

“It’s clear that this scheme wasn’t the success Labour claimed it to be – and taxpayers now deserve answers.”