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Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee fuel poverty inquiry

The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly for Wales is currently conducting an inquiry into the scale and impacts of fuel poverty in Wales.

The inquiry will also look at why the Welsh Government failed to meet its statutory target for eradicating fuel poverty in Wales, how its action to date has helped, and what its next steps should be.

The consultation portion of the inquiry concludes on the 01 November 2019, after being extended from 27 September 2019.

The Welsh Government’s statutory duty was to eradicate fuel poverty as far as possible, by 2018, but latest figures estimate 12% of households are still living in fuel poverty.

The Welsh Government has committed to consult on a new plan to tackle fuel poverty in Autumn 2019.

The Bevan Foundation has submitted evidence to the enquiry, and you can read their submission here.

To keep up to date on the inquiry, visit the Committee’s page on the National Assembly for Wales website.