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The Cinnamon Trust Volunteer Appeal Aberdare

The Cinnamon Trust is the national charity for the elderly and terminally ill and their pets.  We seek to keep owner and pet together for as long as possible with the help of a national network of volunteers who assist when day to day care poses a problem.


We have a resident of Aberdare asking for our support to walk their dog but not enough local volunteers to be able to help them, so wondered if you may be able to help us publicise our need for volunteers in the area..


Our aim is to relieve the owners of any worry concerning the welfare of their pets both during and after their own lifetime making us unique amongst charities.


All volunteers help in the ways that are most appropriate to them.  Volunteers take it in turn to visit housebound owners to take their dogs for walks, they help with cat care, volunteers foster pets as one of their family when owners face a spell in hospital, they take pets to the vet, even clean the budgie's cage out. 


The volunteers can gain access to our volunteer page on our website or or by emailing us at


Any help you are able to give will be very gratefully accepted.