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Children’s Commissioner for Wales visits young people at Ty Llidiard

Children’s Commissioner Sally Holland talked to young people about mental healthcare this week as part of a visit to the children and adolescent mental health hospital in Bridgend.
Ty Llidiard, which is a 15-bed unit provides provides specialist treatment and support for young people from across South, Mid and West Wales who have a wide range of mental health needs, including depression, psychosis, eating disorders and self-harm.
Claire Ball, Clinical Director for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) said: “We were delighted to welcome Sally Holland to Ty Llidiard to talk to her about the care we provide young people and to discuss some of the challenges we face as a service. We were grateful for the opportunity to talk about the wide range of services we provide for young people in the community and the need for mental healthcare in young people to be seen as everyone’s business and not just a specialist service.
We are very proud of Ty Llidiard and our staff who provide not only very specialist treatment but also the care and support that these young people need at a very difficult time in their lives.”
Sally Holland, Children’s Commissioner for Wales said:
“My role is to ensure that children and young people’s rights are safeguarded and promoted wherever they live. I was very pleased to have the opportunity today to spend time with the young people in Ty Llidiard and the staff who care for them. These young people have a great deal of expertise in the needs of young people experiencing mental illness and were able to share with me what they gain from their stay and also how they are enabled to have their voices heard on issues that affect them. What I heard from them today will directly influence the work of my office and I very much look forward to having ongoing conversations with them and the staff.”