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Child and family poverty in Wales: How much has changed in the past year?

In August 2014, Children in Wales published a report ˜Child and Family Poverty in Wales: A snapshot of key issues raised by families’.  This report identified the following as the most common poverty related issues raised by families

  • The impact of Welfare Reform and associated changes to the benefit system (including a lack of awareness about changes, and concerns about sanctions and delays in payments
  • Housing (in relation to sufficiency and availability of social housing, and housing quality)
  • Impact of the Bedroom Tax or spare bedroom subsidy
  • Food Poverty (including the increase in the use of foodbanks)
  • Debt
  • Energy costs
  • Rising cost of living (including families struggling with everyday essential costs)

We are keen to hear from you, as a member organisation, to help us understand what the main poverty related issues currently facing children and families in Wales are today and how much this has changed over the past year. Your information will help us in our work with policy makers.