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Change4Life Sugar Swap campaign


Change4Life Wales, the campaign to get people eating more healthily and doing more exercise, has launched a new drive encouraging families with children aged 4-11 to swap sugary foods with healthier alternatives.

Medical advice is that people in Wales are eating too much sugar on average, in particular children and young people.

Too much sugar can cause obesity, dental problems and type 2 diabetes over time.

The Welsh Government is concerned about this, especially with the latest figures showing that 40% 7-11 year-olds are overweight or obese.

Sugar Swaps offers tips for cutting down on sugar, for example having a yoghurt instead of ice-cream or wholemeal biscuits instead of cake. This will benefit younger childrenin particular, who get most of their sugar from sweets, fruit juice and fizzy drinks.

Families can also sign up to receive a pack showing them how to get started on eating more healthily.

The Change4Life, website, also holds a database of recipes and tips for healthier living.