But the Council still needs to take a lawful decision on two key areas and improve scrutiny arrangements.


The Auditor General has released a follow-up report on Caerphilly Council. The report takes into consideration the work undertaken by the Council in response to the Special Inspection report (released in January 2014) and Reports in the Public Interest (issued in March and December 2013).

Auditor General for Wales, Huw Vaughan Thomas said:

 I am pleased to see Caerphilly Council implementing the recommendations outlined in our previous reports. The work undertaken will go a long way to ensuring the organisation is operating correctly and legally.
With this in mind, the Council now needs to take lawful decisions in regard to the buy out of annual leave and essential car users allowance and I hope to see some progress made on these matters in the near future.

The report finds that the Council has made good progress in addressing most of the recommendations made in previous reports.

However, whilst its progress in responding to recommendations is good, the Council has not yet taken a lawful decision on the buy out  of Chief Officers’ annual leave and essential car user allowances.

The report also highlights that more work is required by the Council to improve other areas, including scrutiny, internal audit, self-evaluation and workforce planning.

As well as the recommendation around annual leave and car user allowance decisions, the Auditor General has included eight proposals for improvement which include:

  • reviewing the role and effectiveness of its scrutiny committees
  • raising awareness of its internal whistle-blowing policy to staff
  • developing a robust action plan for improving internal audit, and
  • prioritising the development of a HR strategy and workforce plan.