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We know that the House of Lords is a mess. Bloated, unaccountable and packed full of unelected aristocrats out of touch with the needs of modern Britain.

But calls for an overhaul are growing.

Today a bill that would mark a small step forward returns to the House of Lords: one which would end the absurd system of hereditary peer ‘by-elections’ – where aristocrats maintain guaranteed representation in the second chamber.

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But there’s a problem: even this minor improvement is under attack.

Shamefully, three hereditary peers are using wrecking tactics to stop this bill in its tracks. They are determined to maintain this bizarre, elitist system. So we’ve named and shamed them on our blog.

Pressure is growing for reform. But as ever, a privileged few will do what they can to block any change. So we need to send the strongest message possible to these unelected lawmakers that they can’t keep blocking reform and that we need to end this bizarre system of by-elections.

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