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ATL: Donaldson Report is excellent start to the conversation - curriculum reform must take time

Commenting on Professor Donaldson's Report on the curriculum entitled 'Successful Futures', Dr. Philip Dixon, Director of ATL Cymru, said: 'Professor Donaldson's Report is very thorough and very thought provoking. He has gone to the heart of many of the thorny matters that surround the curriculum. The Report challenges us all to take a step back and think deeply about why, what and how our children learn. The need for a new curriculum, suited to the twenty first century has been something that ATL has been pressing for over a number of years. Many of Donaldson's recommendations, especially those around the proper place of testing, the true purpose of assessment, the promotion of creativity, and the need for breadth in the curriculum will be very welcome to the profession.


The implications and implementation of the  recommendations will require careful analysis and reflection. Quick curriculum reform is botched curriculum reform, as we can see from England. We now need a sustained national conversation to tease out and ponder the way forward. There are no prizes for speed but there will be many for careful and considered implementation. We hope the Welsh Government will engage openly and constructively with the profession, pupils, and parents.'