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Ann Clwyd Cynon Valley Chris Bryant Rhondda Owen Smith Pontypridd

Ann Clwyd Cynon Valley Chris Bryant Rhondda Owen Smith Pontypridd

3 Labour career politicians make no mistake their careers come first


Ann Clwyd no interest in Cynon Valley only her political career that was evident during her campaign, first she sets up camp in the old Chequers youth facility good enough for her HQ but not to keep open as a youth facility. Her flyers just follow the party line; there is no promise of major funding for new highway infrastructure the promise of the dueling of the heads of the valleys road the Cynon stretch last on the list. Labour go on about new schools the logic is if you allow developers to build hundreds of new houses you need schools to serve them. Labour closed 3 hospitals and built 1 replacement in Mountain Ash and now Labour are cutting services at Royal Glamorgan but will Ann Clwyd care I think not. This is someone who voted for war in Iraq resulting thousands losing their lives, Tony Blairs bagman or David Cameron lackey she doesn’t care its your votes she wants to further her political career not to be your local MP.

Chris Bryant Claim: The Telegraph accused the MP for Rhondda of "flipping" his second home twice in two years, allowing him to claim almost £20,000 in expenses.

Response: Mr Bryant, who is deputy leader of the House of Commons, described the allegations as "unfounded and inaccurate". The openly-gay MP said he moved to a more secure property after "a series of attacks on my home" and had asked the Fees Office what work on the new house he could claim back.


Chris Bryant – who is the MP for the Rhondda – claimed expenses of £35,350 from 2012-2014 to rent a flat in London – despite already owning a penthouse in the city.

Owen Smith portrayed on TV as the leader of the labour party in Wales we all wondered who was pulling Carwyn Jones strings now we know. Smith takes people for granted spending more time on the campaign outside Pontypridd was it yesterday he was in Newport with Balls. Thinks it is cut and dried in Ponty the arrogance of the man is unbelevable.


3 Labour career politicians who want to represent RCT think on have any of them criticised RCTC no they just give them a free hand.


We need change in RCT most people can see it please use your vote tomorrow its up to you who you vote for but you will be voting for an MP to represent you not just tow the party line and further their political career at your expense.