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A few days have now passed now since one of the most divisive presidents in the history of the USA has taken the oath of office, and all of us are still here!

In a speech that echoed much of the rhetoric he spouted before the election, President Trump reiterated that he wanted to take ‘America back for the people.’ and that he looks to implement a more isolated policy that ‘puts America first.’.

Whilst there’s a lot wrong with the language he has used in the past, the duplicity of his personality, and even some of his conveyed beliefs, his election has proven one thing, in much the same as Brexit did…

…people in general are becoming (or are) completely disillusioned with current political figures and practices.

The May 2017 council elections present an opportunity to challenge the unopposed monopoly of disinterested, serving councillors, who are more loyal to party agendas than the needs of constituents.

We need to hold to account the unchallenged political hierarchy that wants things to remain as they are to suit their own gains.

To expect improvements and a better, more productive reality in our future, we as residents must invite change, being open minded, and more importantly make the effort to vote for local people representing a local party that are hungry and passionate to help in the long term as community-centric councillors.

The election is a few short months away and whilst it’s impact is not going to capture a global public awareness like Trump’s election, the outcome of this election could ultimately affect the lives of constituents in a much more positive, meaningful way. Having councillors who empathise with locals and care about the issues of those within the community, pledging to serve the community however they can. What a novelty that would be?

That’s where the Cynon Valley Party is taking the initiative, sourcing local people to stand as councillors. We encourage you to use your vote to help bring prosperity back to our community and prove that we are no longer apathetic about our community, that change can, and must occur.



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