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Alternative manifesto shows how Labour is run from London


As the Labour party in Wales prepares to gather in Swansea for its Annual Conference tomorrow (Friday), Plaid Cymru has issued a timely reminder of Labour's voting record in Westminster and Wales which shows them repeatedly failing to protect Welsh interests.

The Alternative Labour Manifesto documents crucial Commons and Assembly votes on issues ranging from welfare reform to HS2 fair funding for Wales in which Labour MPs and AMs have sat on their hands or voted against the best interests of our nation.

Plaid Cymru Parliamentary Leader Elfyn Llwyd MP said that the stark contrast in his party and the Labour party's voting records proved that only Plaid Cymru representatives stand up for Wales and added that it was clearer than ever that Labour in Wales is just a branch office of a London party.

Mr Llwyd said:

"When Plaid Cymru has forced crucial votes in the Commons and the National Assembly, Labour has failed Wales time and time again.

"The people of Wales deserve better than to have the wool pulled over their eyes by a duplicitous and divided party that says one thing in Westminster and another in Cardiff Bay.

"When Plaid Cymru aimed to secure Wales' fair share of spending on the England-only HS2 rail project, Labour MPs abstained. When we voted against a tax cut for millionaires earning £3,000 a week, Labour MPs abstained.

"This catalogue of failings serves as a reminder that Labour in Wales is merely a branch office of a London party.

"Rather than let the best interests of the people they serve determine their voting record, Labour MPs ride on the coattails of their London bosses, putting Westminster careers before Welsh communities.

"In stark contrast, the Party of Wales does what it says on the tin. Our MPs are Wales' voice in Westminster, not the other way around. 

"On May 7th I would urge all the people of Wales to judge each political party on their voting record. There is a choice between the Westminster parties and their commitment to more cuts, and Plaid Cymru who refuses to accept that Welsh communities should still be paying the price for the financial crash seven years on.

"On securing the same funding deal as Scotland, strengthening our NHS, and delivering fair wages for workers, what Plaid Cymru wants for Wales is clear. With politicians rooted in our communities and free from London control, Plaid Cymru is the only party committed to and capable of standing up for Wales."