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Aberdare Community School’s first Patron of Reading – Dr. Phil Carradice

We are absolutely delighted that the widely published author, Phil Carradice will beAberdare Community School’s first ”Patron of Reading‘. The ‘Patron’ scheme is becoming increasingly popular in schools throughout the UK and involves a partnershipwith an author of children’s literature; Phil Carradice has been writing novels for children over many years and his latest works include ‘The Black Chair‘, a wonderful story featuring Hedd Wyn, the bardic poet, who was killed tragically in the Great War. Phil tells the story of Ellis Evans or Hedd Wyn, his bardic name, through the eyes of Danny, a young lad from Treorchy, who goes off to war with little understanding of the horrors he will face. It is his friendship with Ellis Evans, the farmer from Trawsfynydd, that enables Danny to endure the privations of war and when Ellis is killed, Danny must carry out his promise to return home with the beautiful poems entrusted to him by Hedd Wyn.

Phil Carradice
Phil Carradice

   How often have we read a great book that has had a real effect on us and wanted to call up the author and talk to them about their work ? Well, some of our ‘star readers’ will get a chance to do just that, when Phil returns to school in April to talk and ask questions about his books. Our pupils will  read Phil’s novels, ‘The Black Chair’ and ‘The Bosun’s Secret’ before his visit and will be able to cross-examine him in reading workshops. The prospect of speaking to an author is really inspiring the pupils.


The Black Chair   by Phil Carradice
The Black Chair
by Phil Carradice

 Phil has also written a wide number of books on the Great War, maritime history, the county of Pembrokeshire and authors such as Charles Dickens and Dylan Thomas. Phil is a regular on the BBC’s website and you can read his blogs which are informative and entertaining. He is passionate about reading, writing and research and will be an inspirational figure for the young people of our school. Phil will share his love of reading in our assemblies and will post the odd blog on our school website; winners of our reading competitions will receive personal letters from Phil, congratulating them on their achievements.

  Phil will return to school in April for two days of workshops, talks and readings. If parents would like to read along with us, you can purchase 
Phil’s books on Amazon or directly from the publishers,Pont books, at their website. Please visit Phil’s website to catch up with his latest books and