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7 May 2015 Elections The Time For Change From Labour in Cynon Valley


Looking at the predicted pole for Cynon Valley shows just why our Labour MP Ann Clwyd has to do what she has for the last 4 years.


The pollsters predict she will get in again to this safe Labour seat and she has to do nothing to get voted in.


We have an MP who turns her back on Cynon Valley preferring to live in Llandaff Cardiff her full address you can find on the Internet, but she is not backward when it comes to claiming expenses as a representative of the Cynon Valley Constituency.


Not difficult to see why the local Labour party voted for her again she wouldn’t rock the boat on local decisions made by Labour run RCTC.


Little wonder the valleys are treated with contempt by the Labour party its because they and the rest of the country know Labour will get reelected.


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