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£201: What a council tax freeze could have saved you

If Welsh Labour had frozen council tax in Wales – for the same amount of time as Conservatives in England – the average householder would now have saved more than 201 pounds.

Welsh Conservatives have called on Labour ministers to explain both their consistent refusal to support householders and their rocketing Welsh council tax bills.

The party’s Assembly Members have today unveiled a cheque, reminding Welsh householders of just how much Labour has cost them and how much a Welsh Conservative freeze could save them:

In the last few weeks, bills with increases of anywhere between 2.4 and 5 per cent have landed on doormats right across Wales.

In England, since 2010/11, Conservatives in government have facilitated a freeze and, as a result, additional money has headed across the M4 to the Welsh government.

Here – on each occasion - Labour has refused to use it for the same supportive purpose. It means that the average Band D property has seen bills rise by 201 pounds and eight pence:

2010/11 £1,127

2011/12 £1,162

2012/13 £1,188

2013/14 £1,226

2014/15 £1,276

2015/16 £1,328

Since 1999, council tax in Labour-run Wales has rocketed by over 160 per cent.

Welsh Conservative Leader, Andrew RT Davies AM, said:

“Labour’s annual refusal to introduce a council tax freeze in Wales is shameful.

“Year after year English householders have benefited from a Conservative freeze, yet here, Labour ministers snub taxpayers and stand back and watch as bills rocket.

“Following this year’s hikes, the average householder would now be more than 200 pounds better off if Labour had followed the example of Conservatives in government.

“Welsh Conservatives are committed to a council tax freeze in Wales, as enjoyed by our neighbours in England.

“Over a million Welsh people have had their income tax cut by Conservatives, 167,000 are out of income tax altogether and 52,000 jobs have been created here since 2010.

“That’s Conservatives delivering for Wales.

“Welsh Labour do little but hit people in their pockets.”

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Local Government, Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said:

“Welsh householders are getting a raw deal; plain and simple.

“Labour’s brazen refusal to freeze council tax is a slap in the face for taxpayers and it’s further proof that Labour ministers are not on the side of hardworking families.

“For over 15 years Labour ministers in Wales have reigned over soaring council tax and vastly inflated chief executive salaries.

“Householders are now paying for that failure.

“Welsh Conservatives would put that right and introduce a council tax freeze.”