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Hirwaun Woman burgles house and plots to steal life savings of pensioner with Dementia

A woman who plotted to steal the life savings of a 94 year-old man who had just been admitted to a care home suffering from Dementia has been sent to prison.

Sentenced to three and a half years in prison for burglary and fraud offences.
Kelly Ann Billen, of Limeslade Close, Hirwaun, was sentenced to three years and three months at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court on Friday, 7 November, for committing burglary and fraud offences.
Her 94 year-old victim who was suffering from Dementia had been sent to a care home just before he was burgled back in April 2014.
His home in Hirwaun was ransacked – pictures were taken off walls, and floorboards were even pulled up in a desperate attempt to find something.
But it wasn’t until the victim’s niece went to check on the house a few days after that the gravity of what was going on was realised.
She became suspicious that a request for internet banking had been made by her uncle who was computer illiterate, and raised the alarm with police.
Enquiries carried out with banks led officers to Limeslade Close, Hirwaun – the home of Kelly Billen.
In a shed at the property, officers discovered documents relating to the victim’s savings accounts which contained a substantial amount of money.
In three months, Billen managed to steal £19,416.10 in Premium Bonds from the victim.
Trainer prints lifted from the scene of the burglary matched footwear found in Billen’s house, which helped to convict her of burglary.
It became clear that the bottom panel of a back door of the victim’s house has been secured back in place by Billen so that she could get easy access to the house in the future.
Detective Constable Gareth Millard, said:

”This was a callous and calculated act which could very easily have drained this innocent and vulnerable man of his life savings.
“If it wasn’t for his niece, and some good police work, Billen may have got away with much more.
“She deserves her time in prison and for people to know exactly what a manipulative deviant she is.”