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New Energy

I’m just about getting to grips with this new forum.

Most of us moan about petrol, gas, electricity etc. Some time ago I posted on this forum about an Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, he has recently announced that Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is possible, Lockheed Martin the American aerospace conglomerate has recently announced that they will have a marketable device capable of being mounted on the back of a pick-up truck in ten years. When these announcements were first made the stock-markets went haywire, people were transferring their shares in oil and other energy markets to other safe commodities. We in the UK witnessed a sudden drop in fuel prices at the pumps (a coincidence?) British Gas and others have yet to announce their own annual price increases (another coincidence?)

LENR used to be known as Cold Fusion and was immediately debunked by so called scientists in 1989 when it was announce by the scientists Fleischmann and Pons.
I was recently told the story of an Aberdare inventor who made a device that made cheap energy, the man failed to get his invention accepted by energy companies; this led him to take his own life or so we are led to believe.

I recently came upon this report by an American reporter named Gary Vesperman. This report is rather long winded but very interesting. When you next hear of a politician spouting Climate change and Global warming caused by us mortals, think again!