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The Phurnacite plant, completing the carbonisation process

After carbonisation is complete the blocks are discharged. This is achived using a machine known as a “Quench Car”, which is essentially a large mobile water tank. When ready, the 8 ovens doors on a block are opened thus allowing 20 tones of Phurnacite at 900 degrees centigrade to discharge into the water, contained within the Quench car. This causes considerable evolution of steam.

When a block has been discharged, the oven doors are replaced and the block is recharged with raw fuel. The process starts once again.

The Phurnacite contained within the Quench Car once cooled, is discharged onto a ramp. From there the Phurnacite is transferred to a screening plant where undersize is removed from the Phurnacite. Resultant products from the Phurnacite are: Phurnacite Ovoids, Phurnacite Nuts and Phurnacite Breeze.

The Ovoids and nuts will then be sold to the domestic market. The breeze is mainly recycled. It is also sent to brickworks in the country, and sent abroad.

Large Scale section through an Phurnacite oven
Large Scale section through an Phurnacite oven