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Natural History of Cynon Valley

A fascinating site I follow on Twitter goes by the very nerdy name of @collieryspoil  It is funded by @RCTCouncil, hosted by @Museum_Cardiff

It has a website:


Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative

"Raising awareness of the biodiversity value of colliery spoil tips"

I saw this entry on Twitter on July 18thColliery Spoil B. I.‏ @collieryspoil   

Spotted this #Adder at the former Aberaman Colliery #Cwmaman today w/ @PhoebeW94. A known site for Adders, but still great to see them


As  an Aberaman boy who was a member of the 3rd Cwmaman scouts this brought back a lot of happy memories.  Many of our activities took place on the stream above Llanwonno Road known locally as ‘the Adder pond’.  In fact the whole area stretching down to Abercwmboi was  a mecca for reptiles.  The open land beyond North View Terrace ( Ty Cement) was especially good for slow worms.


If you have a few minutes to spare you might find these sites very interesting to look through.

These sites compliment another excellent site that of  Tirfounder Fields:

I apologise for not being able to import the photos that were on my original copy but I hope you'll find this information useful.