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Why should women work til they drop

I was discussing the pension situation tonight and asked people whether they knew of many people who was living beyond 3 score years and 10?
The reply was yes, they knew of loads of people in their nineties! Then I asked what kind of work they did? These people worked hard physically. I then asked did they suffer the killer stress! No was the answer. Physical stress is a different stress to mental stress! So the consensus was modern living caused stress! We younger old people will die younger because of mental stress due to modern living standards forced upon us by people who never worked under stressful conditions such as The National Health Service, Armed services, or any public service for that matter.
What do you think? Are politicians out of touch and do you think that the majority will lose their seats considering what they are doing to this country?

Well, I'm approaching 47 years old, work in Cardiff, so have to endure the stressfull commute the same as thousands of others.  I have an office job, so sitting on my backside all day as well as the best part of 3 hours a day in the car!  The workers of years ago generally speaking worked in hard manuall labour jobs, which whilst in some cases caused damage to their health physically (maybe joint or back problems, or if you were a miner, lung issues), did keep them active and therefore burnt off stress and calories.  There were also far more local jobs, so commuting was far less.  Today, we have the opposite.  My job can be stressfull on times, but I cope with it pretty well as it is part of the profession.  However, commuter stress is in my book the killer.  There are lots of us out there with health issues, such as high blood pressure, which todays living has a great part to play (and that's despite going to the gym!).  We have had our retirement age increased to 67 (for my age group, later for the younger generation), and probably 68 by the time I get there.  I believe the government are well aware of the health issues we face, and have increased the retirement age to save on the pension payout in the hope we all kick the bucket before we have chance to claim it.

You know what, life is hard no matter if you are a man or a woman.  And don't blame politicians - blaming others for your failures is cheap. The mental stress was always present, and every human has suffered no less than you. You should be glad that you live in a relatively safe and wealthy place. 


Hmm, I have read your post over and over, and to be honest am not sure what your point is.  I think for me, no matter of you are a man or a woman, if you have worked all your life, there should be a decent retirement age in which you can enjoy yourself, not be flogged right up until the point where all the money you may have paid into a pension plan or savings is now being used to fund your ill health, and not any enjoyment in life!  If that is to be the case, then why bother saving!

Geraint, in a nutshell we all live; unable to escape the confines of our shells. So our mantra must be: never forget the Valleys. Our thinking ways are changing, the day of the donkey is dying. Old ones will no longer rule and the age old mantra: my mam and dad always voted labour! Will be gone for ever.