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Who to vote for?

Interesting link again and the posts that follow it

Who to vote for ? That's an interesting question.

Personally I don't think it makes much difference who you vote for now. What I can see of it as politicians, never mind what party they belong to seem to be in it more for themselves than for what they can do for the country.

I have followed politics for many years and listened to their promises of what they are going to do if they get into parliament and invariably none of them seem to do much at all really and as a measure of that the u K and even the world is in a worst state now than at any time I can remember in spite of the fact that we are paying more taxes now than in any time in history.

The rich have got richer and the poor are still there but the politicians have more perks than ever before and even have time to play games on their Ipads in parliament these days so what difference does it make who you vote for? None whatsoever as far as I can see.

They don't listen to the people they are supposed to represent, If they had Britain would be a far better place now than what it is as it has deteriorated in many ways compared to what it once was.

"We're all in it together" someone said. Yeah! we will be if they keep going the way they are. Except those at the top of course.