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where have all the photos gone?

im sure it was aberdare online that i found a load of photos of old cwmaman and the rex cinema aberdare? but i cant find them now??
theres a lad on a book forum i go on he remembers coming down from london in the 70s to visit his gran and she used to take him to the rex has a treat and i speak to an old gentleman who lived in aberaman/cwmaman in the 50s and i told these two people that there was a website with photos of old cwmaman and the rex cinema now i cant find them.
any ideas where they have gone or what happened to these photos?
cheers jason

yes the old aberdareonline was full of old pictures of all parts of the cynon valley but since the new design has kicked in the pictures have gone. i also had a poem printed on the old aberdareonline which has gone. :(

At the top of the page Andrew has added Archives and all the old stuff is still on there I think.