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welcome back

welcome back aberdareonline. the site looks good. well done

happy new year everyone

Hi Bunny, it is nice to be back and nice to see you on here, wishing you a happy New Year, how was you Christmas?

I'm so happy Aberdareonline is Up and going again. Lets hope we all will have a wonderful 2008 on here and many more years to come...
I'm still in Yuma Arizona, but heading back North to the cold temp.. Have not seen rain in 2 months!!! Am now an official "snowbird".

Will connect again at end of Jan, 'til then congrats. and
happy to be back on line..

oh my christmas was great thanks chick, i guess it makes a difference with the baby he was so spoiled and the poor thing didnt know what was going on lol. hope you had a good christmas

Glad this forum is back and old friends are back together.


Glad you enjoyed Christmas Bunny - having a little one around does make an awful lot of difference - I should imagine you would agree with me!!

It was one of the nicest Christmas's we've had in a long time, and that was only because of children. Seeing them enjoying what they were given, does go a long way!

Happy New Year everyone - I hope it's a good one for us All.

Hi Toots so nice to see you back as well, will look out for your postings.
Bunny your right a baby does make all the difference at Christmas, I had a great Christmas although no littleones this year, but my Daughter and Son in law gave me a great Christmas present, I am going to be a Nain (grandmother) in July, can't wait as we thought this would never happen she is 10 weeks keeping our fingers lega and toes crossed, she has got further than in the past, so hopefully next Christmas.

Its great to be back ! hope all the old 'friends' return and plenty of new ones!
site looks good!!

Welcome back everyone, Happy New Year from a very hot Perth Australia.

Happy New Year everyone

Hi Skewednail nice to see you back, and a Happy New Year to you, I am so pleased to see so many of you back on AOL have missed coming on here and having a chat to you all. Being stuck in doors and no one to talk to can be so time dragging now it looks not to bad to me. Thank you Andrew