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Welcome to the all new AberdareOnline

It was late August when I decided to switch off the Forum posts on the AberdareOnline that everyone loved and some hated, but it was necessary due to the lack of time I could dedicate to the website.

Well its been a good five months on and I've spent plenty of time researching and debating a change and well here it is: AberdareOnline 2.0. It looks very similar, but is somewhat lacking in content. (That's where you guys come in!!) Well unless your seething from the demise of AberdareOnline in August. I hope not and I hope your keen like me to bring things back-up to speed.

The new website makes it much easier for me and hopefully some moderators (when their appointed) to update and keep things ticking along, it will also enable us to make some changes and additions. Some of which you will already see: a few new forums, image submissions and I'm hoping to add polls and possibly blogs for individual users.

Perhaps you've got a few ideas too? Well let me know in the Suggestions forum.

There are a few downsides the first being: users will require to register again as its a new system with no opportunity to copy details across and we're lacking in content, but apart from that we're good.

I think I've written enough now and I just hope that the changes made will be of benefit to you and the rest of the AberdareOnline community. I'd also like to thank everyone that have shown support for the website, whilst it was offline. Thank you so much.

There may be a few bugs, but please let me know and bear with me.

I for one am so glad this forum is back, know last going off did not post but did miss you Welcome Back

There are still a few layout problems, but these will be worked on soon. Just bare with us!

Rome was not built in a day, but u will get there.

very nice indeed

is it just you running the show or is there somebody else too ???

Just me and my family since it was established in 2000. We've had quite a lot of help with content submissions and photographs over the years and I hop this will continue into the future. After all the website would be nothing without its users.

we were all gutted when the site was shut down and we didn't have a clue what was happening, but we are glad that its up and running again.

if u want help with the sites upkeep let me know i am only an internet connection away :)

lol i am not coming back there and meeting you again at the con or sitting on the bar if you take it off again lol

its good to be back

Well done Andrew! I am sure that all the folk on here will feel somewhat indebted to you for giving so much of your time, and good work, to make it possible for the likes of myself and others to be able to keep in touch with our birthplace. Having left Cwmdare in 1951 I have - in the past - thoroughly enjoyed the banter on the site, and hope to continue in the same vein in the future.
Thankyou for your time-consuming efforts.

D Bennett
Great to see you back on line Andrew, I was completed in the dark just couldn`t understand why I was not able to connect, good luck to the future. Good Health to All

Great to see you back on line Andrew, I have really missed Aberdareonline as you are my link with "Home" and that to an exiled Welshman is very important.

It's also great to see Danyboy posting again after such a long absence. Greetings Danyboy, Best wishes to you and the family for 2008 and beyond and that goes to all members of Aberdareonline, Let's hope we get most of the old contributors back and some new ones too.

Thanks again Andrew and staff, Great to see you back.

You might like to know that Perth, Western Australia was the hottest place in the world on Boxing day at 45c so if any of you are thinking of emigrating give it a lot of thought, especially if you don't like the heat.

Happy New Year everyone.


hi Cymro glad your back on line, loved the Christmas Card and look forward to travelling down to see in May,

Hi everyone.
Great to see the site up and running again.Have not been on the site for many a moon now,thought I would pop in and say hello to posters old and new.
We use to have lots of fun ,laughter and great debates on here as well as the odd fight and disagreement.
Hope we have lots more fun, laughter and debates (No Fights Please)LOL

Good Luck to the site Administrators they do a brilliant job.

Happy New Year To You All


Do you know it is great to see see many of the old posters posting again, it warms the cockles of my heart. Yes BG we had some real odd fights and disagreements on here and some really great laughs, I am writting this posting and giggling like a school girl remembering some of the things that were said on here, oh I so hope these good memories will follow with some even better ones in 2008.

Hi girls

You may have changed your names in some cases but I still recognise who you are and so glad to see you posting on AOL again.

I hope a few more absentees are sharpening their pencils in readiness for a comeback to the site.

Look forward to seeing you in June Agedlady ???? M


Greetings Marian from Perth Western Australia

Also to Nerys in Alberta, Canada.

We are the only three on line right now as it is a.m. on Jan. 5th. here in Perth, p.m. on Jan 4th. in Alberta and fancy finding Marian on here at the unearhly time of 1 a.m. in Aberdare.

happy New Year to both of you.


Perth. W A. 10 25 a. m. 26cDeg.

cymro its 1:38am here in aberdare now and i'm online lol

I am here as well lol and it is June lol in another world.
It would be nice to see a few other old posters on here again. Well going to see if I can get to sleep now nite one and all.God willing post tomorrow

Hi, thanks for the welcome. I had tried registering last year but because of the problems they were having was not successful; good to see that I finally made it! On the complete opposite of the temperature scale we here in Edmonton, Alberta were a nice comfortable -13C (yes, that's minus 13C) on Boxing Day! LOL we are a tough bunch over here in the frozen north. I'm looking for some help also - I've tried to download a photo on the website but have had no luck at all, is there a special way of doing it? Anyone know or can help, much appreciated. I used to live in Aberdare many, many years ago and still have a brother there. Are you originally from Aberdare? How long since you moved away?
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Local date and time: 4 Jan/08; 8:00pm

I'm very new to this site and have looked in my account profile; but - how can I change my user name? Instead of coming up Nerys Jones I'd like to change it to just Nerys. Thanks.

can't spell Edmonton but can spell OILERS lol

Nerys i am in Fort McMurray from Hirwaun originally

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."
- Sherlock Holmes (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I'm not quite sure how this site works yet. I practised that quote with my Christmas lights.

Mind you I thought this site was gone for ever, it has been a long two to three weeks.

i am new to this site but enjoying it so nice to to hear coments you all seem a lovely bunch Trish

I,m a Rhondda boy Nerys so you can say we were neighbours in a way as Aberdare was just over the Meardy mountain and I went there shopping with the wife many times and even went to the REX on times.

Best wishes for 2008 and welcome again to the forum, Hope to hear from you on there regularly.

Iechyd da.


Hi Bunny, Glad to see you posting on here again.

I didn't realize though that there were so many insomniacs in Aberdare ha! ha!

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Hi trish welcome to the site ,sure you will enjoy it on here once you get into the swing of it .
It is taking me a while to get use to the new layout.


Hi Nerys, and welcome, I was originally from Aberdare, but not gone as far away as you,


i never sleep lol (well not at night anyway lol)

jacobs up really early everymorning then by the afternoon i'm so tired i fall asleep when he does then i'm up all night, i have managed to get him into a routine its just a pity i couldnt get myself into one lol

Hi Cymro
Good to see you back, its 3 years since the tragic death, we are going over in Feb as you well know thats the worst month for humidity hopefully it should be cooler in March.
As you said there`s a few new names that can be picked out from the previous site.
All the best to You and Yours

Hi Welshgirl, Fort Mac - not so very far away from me then. As for the Oilers - I just give up on them, fingers crossed they'll win tonight against the Rangers, but I'm not holding my breath! Have you been in Canada for long? I've came over just for a couple of years in 1975 and I'm still here, LOL!

Hi Dannyboy, Best wishes to you and the family mate. You picked the right month to get warm at least Danny, as you know it's pretty hot out here in February.

Good to see BG back on here too after such a long absence, how's the other half BG, Hope you are both keeping well.

Hi Binx, All the best for 2008 and beyond, it's good to see a few of the older posters back but I think one notable poster will be mising for a while, let's hope it's not for good.

Cheers everyone.


i think it might be cymro

Hi Cymro

It is good to be back up and running after months of no computer.Other half is fine still driving me nuts.
Hope you and your family are all well.

It is good to see some of the old crowd coming back on here and great to have lots of new posters.
Welcome to them all.

Hi agedlady. I see in one of your replies you went to Gadlys School in the 60s - me too. Check out the photo I posted, it's a class photo sometime in 1962 or 1963. Are you in this group? Or do you know anyone in it? Be interesting to know what happened to everyone.

i only recognise a few names, i dont know whether a few of you have signed up using different names but you've stumped me lol

Hi BG, pleased to hear he is still getting ubnder your feet although I know who the boss really is.ha! ha!

I'll have to get jimboy back on here with his film quizzes that you were fond of and good at.

Have a nice day, Will catch up later.


Hi Bunny, How old is the baby now, she must be getting on for a 12 month surely.

Bet your life has changed since she was born but what a wonderful change eh!

best wishes Dear


hi Nerys, I tried looking at the photo and could not make out anyone's face, I went to Gadlys in 1963 1st year, any names perhaps I knew some of them, it would be nice to know what happened to some of the people I went to school with one girl from the Gadlys Carol Thomas did you know her?

Nerys Hi agedlady, maybe you did this but here goes, if you click on original under the picture the picture comes up bigger and clearer. I started Gadlys in 1960. We would be 13 or 14 in this photo, depending on the year it was taken which I really don't remember. Some of the names in the picture are, me-Nerys Jones, Margaret Griffiths (later became Bowditch), Vivian Clark, Kathleen Williams, Gillian Hodges, Haulwen Davies, Adele Jones, Avril Hughes, Nesta Davies, Brenda Harris, and Meryl ? and that's about it on the names. I recognise some of the faces but names escape me... price of aging I suppose LOL. Sorry, I don't remember a Carol Thomas. What is your name?

As a newcomer I would like to echo comments made and congratulate Andrew for his efforts, these Forums bring so many people together, they can unite the lonely, cheer up the miserable and even infuriate the placid and you don't have to buy a stamp to reply.
Since joining a Forum for those who served in the Suez Canal Zone in the 50's I have made many friends, even met up with a couple for a drink. Many have been re united with those they only knew as young men but are now Granddads. So far I haven't been lucky but I still look in daily to see who's on. Good luck Aberdare Online.


my little one is a he not a she lol. his name is jacob and he's just turned 6 months old. lol

Hi Nerys, I did not start Gadlys until 63, the only name I knew was Gillian Humphreys, the girls who were older than us that I knew were Dot Hanley, Roxanne ? Lal Davies believe she married Ali who also went to Gadlys, Dot Davies, DAvid Messer and David Thomas, Brynley Davies, Alan Jones but they were mostly all from Cwmbach and I travelled on the bus with them to and from school. Did you know any of them?

you have to grow old..but you dont have to grow up !
hello nice to have aberdare online back again...i missed you !..byron

hey we never grow up lol

Sorry about that Bunny, My memory today let's me down too often but it seem more than 6 months agao when you had jacob.

I'm sure he is keeping you busier as the days go by but I bet you love every minute of it anyway. Most Mam's do.

Best wishes.


oh yes chick i'm really loving it. i couldn't imagine my life without him. he's keeping me very busy. i have to go back to work next month and i'm dreading it but we need the money so needs must. i'm lucky i got supportive family who will help me with childcare