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Train to be a miner in the twenty first century

Coal Mining a worthwhile occupation


My brother is interested in becoming a miner. The link you've posted doesn't provide any information about training opportunities. Have you heard of any coal mining training in the area? Unfortunately we couldn't find too much information.



If  I  was  him  I'd  forget  about  becoming  a  miner  especially  in  Wales  should  he  be  able  to find  a  colliery  still  operating.

You  can  spend  your  life  down  there,  end  up  crippled  by  accident  or  lung  disease  and  you'll  get  no  thanks  for  it  at  the  end.

Take  it  from  me  as  I  worked  there  as  did  my  father  who  spent  40  years  down  the  pit  and  ended  with  a  terrible  death  with  silicosis  and  thay  didn't  want  to  know  him  when  it  came  to  compensation.

If  they  are   advertising  for  miners  again  telling  to  o  down  themselves.