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Theft of Cultural Antiques in Broad Daylight

Hi asking for information on the theft of the remaining flagstones from Aberdare Canal at the old Ford, opposite Pedro's Ranch (Ynyscynon Farm) today 16th June 2015 approx 12-13:45. Please phone 101 or contact Cwmbach Police Station. There were at least 10 witnesses that passed by the persons concerned. The gents concerned used a wheelbarrow which broke then two wheelie bins to cart off huge antique flag stones from the old sheep ford on the canal which was built in 1796. I assume they date to this time when the farm was more active. The ford is a cultural landmark, we dont use them as much now, and one of a few remaining in Aberdare. Judging by the size and weight and age of these stones they would be worth a great deal.

If this is not the place to ask for crime info soz.