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Tantrwm TV

So we have put on line, all in order, all in one place, the world famous Taff Wars videos.
If you ave not seen them then take a look.
They might make you chuckle.
They are grouped three episodes at a time and are seperated by episodes of "Ivor the engine" and other stuff.
Hope that you enjoy the films and then take a look at some of the other channels. They contain the works of Tantrwm and friends.


Taff Wars .is gut bustingly funny, but be warned its very blue. Darth Vader is "mental", and the bloke ,islwyn , wandering through the snow , some of his sayings nearly made me fall off my seat laughing.!

I Found it a bit too much for me , must be getting old more for the jounger ones. trish.

Not to my taste either ,much rather nice soppy romantic love stories or old historical stuff, Wonder why as we get older we love to delve more into the past .At least I do .

No doubt great for the younger generation though.