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School Transport Rhondda Cynon Taf

Interesting to read the letter below (Should council jobs be up for tender?) published in the South Wales Echo with regard to school transport as AberdareOnline has requested information from RCTC under the Freedom of Information Act, the request was brought about by speaking to local residents and observations.

A child’s safety when travelling to and from school is paramount and, in transporting over 12625 children a day, the Council has an enormous responsibility when providing its transport service to ensure an efficient, safe and robust system is in place.
I believe the above was part of a RCTC report of 2009

What checks are made on the accuracy of PSV Operators Before a school contract is placed with that operator?

The detail within the existing Traffic Commissioners license to operate is correct?

The details of Insurance cover to operate bus/coach school transport?

Should council jobs be up for tender?
Having personally spent 35 years supplying school transport, your reporter Rhodri Clark’s article (October 27, Safety concerns at school bus auctions) is important journalism for all families who use council school bus services, as those current operators referred to are correct to highlight reductions in tender prices based on line auctions are a potential danger.
I suggest many bus operators are being forced to compromise on best practice in order to keep their businesses operating.
Clearly there will be reduced investment in new vehicles, this type of tendering will concern banks and finance houses, tender prices under pressure, and not based on properly considered financial planning, will surely result in many failures.
Clearly recommendations are from senior council officers, trying to cut costs at the expense of best value.
I suggest that, if this type of competition is considered acceptable for council contractors, why not for the officials who believe in this cost cutting process?
With proposed council reorganisation, and with an online auction system for senior officers tendering to maintain their employment, I am absolutely certain this would substantially help council budgets and be considered a level playing field by contractors.
Clayton Jones