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Road Safety Robertstown

Having spoken to both the council and police about the speed of vehicles along Wellington Street in Robertstown i wanted to see if anyone else in the area shares any observations and if so we can get something done hopefully before someone is seriously hurt or worse as a result of speeding vehicles. 

Vehicles are travelling at more than double the 30mph limit on a regular basis and by regular this can be every few minutes at busy times of the day and even through the early hours of the morning our house is awaken by the almost train like whoosh of vehicles travelling past. The main source of the problem I believe is that roberstown is in an industrial estate setting and set off away from the main dual carriageway the A4059. By travelling along this route vehicles can reach abernant without having to negotiate a further 2 busy roundabouts and in effect see this route as a 'shortcut' so as a result vehicles speeds are higher as drivers are effectively trying to move more quickly along this 'back' road to get somewhere in less time. 

The consequence of this is that vehicles are travelling both directions along Wellington Street at high speed and the even bigger problem is the series of closed junctions in the form of Phillip, Thomas and Bridge street. To exit these streets onto Wellington street drivers must edge their vehicles over the give way sign in order to have a clear view in both directions before pulling out, however, due to the speed of traffic past these junctions, drivers are taking a leap of faith each and every time they attempt to pull out. 

The best case scenario is that a vehicle vs vehicle accident will occur, worst case scenario however is that a pedestrian or child playing as is often the case in these streets and is walking out from these blind junctions at the same time a speeding vehicle approaches and either does not react in time or as has happened in previous incidents mounts the curb and collides with the end properties or this time worse. This is a fatal accident waiting to happen and I urge the council to take note of these serious concerns and get this issue addressed immediately. I understand the process involved in determining if there is an issue and monitoring and detecting speeding vehicles but I think Iv made it pretty clear that this is a problem that will result in a serious collision and needs to be addressed. In the time Iv taken to write these observations there have been 13 vehicles travelling at high speed along this road. Each one with the potential to warrant a speeding conviction at best, and a prison sentence should things turn out to be wrong time, right place! 

it seems the norm in R C Taff i live in Bryn terrace in cwmdare  and it nothing short of a race track every night worse on the weekend with  5 car smashes 4 written off car and a fatal accident just from january 2015 to september 2015. Both the council and thew police have done nothing or care for this local communtity, duty of care has gone out the window, and what make things worse are street lights been turned off every night at midnight to 6.10am on which myself and other neighbour have put up with a huge increase of cars been damaged and  tryes cut what is the point to report it to the police as thay just do not care, just like there counterparts in the local council.

Even after endless complaints nothing happens it is up to the residents, i wonder it the council would like if we as a whole delayed our payment in rates would they listen.............answer no..We here the same thing council does not have the money, but in pontypridd a £6.5 million lido can be built, as a show piece and yet again Aberdare is always the poor relation again