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Good morning, just thought I would say I am returning to Aberdare with two Aussie visitors on Tuesday 8th (weather permitting)- my 2 brothers and I were sent to Cwmaman during the war because of the bombing in Birmingham. They both emigrated and sad to say I am the only surviving brother so it will be rather emotional recounting memories to the Widow and daughter tomorrow and seeing the Valley again where I was as a boy of 6,I stayed in Brynhyfryd at the end of a Valley and it will be strange to see the school again and the brook where we tried to catch Trout. I was the last to go home in 1946 nearly 11 yrs old and I sounded a proper welshman by then. Since then I have liked all things Welsh especially the Choirs so I suppose some of my roots are still there. Anyway please wish me luck tomorrow and a Happy New Year to you all. Eric

good luck chick, be prepared for a major difference the cynon valley has changed so much and too be honest not for the better lol

Good luck for tomorrow, hope it is all you want it to be, let us know how you got on, will be thinking of you.

Thanks for your kind wishes Bunny and Agedlady (seems so ungallant writing that) just about to set off when my Aussies arrive, just doing a final checklist, Camera, Hat, gloves scarf warm coat plus spares for the visitors, coins for car park in Aberdare and so on. Oops nearly forgot the Kleenex I tend to cry more as I get old. Have a nice day.

Hope you have a great day in Aberdare with your Ausie mates , i have not been back there for years . Trish

Evacuee,i hope your memories of Cwmaman now will stay as fondly in your memory as the ones from your evacuee days. There have been a lot of changes ,some for the better some detrimental,but on the whole its a prettier place now the pits have gone. Croeso Nol (Welcome back)

Hope your day back in the valleys went well.
You will have found a lot of things have changed over the years but the memories will still be with you on your visit ,nothing can take those away.

I left the area about40 years ago but still love going back there from time to time to see the old places again .


how did it go chick??? hope you had a great time even though the weather's bad

yes please let us now how it went nothing short of a full report will do for us who have not been fortunate enough to get back there, I spent many a happy day there in my youth/

maybe evacuee is still gobsmacked with all the changes lol

Could be by the sound of it, I remember ABeraman Pit and the Playing field on the op side of the road and the brick works, and that smelly place over Cwmbach side the furnacite don't know if thats the right spelling has gone as well, that must have been for the good of all because boy did that place smell on times. Anybody got any photos what has gone and how it looks now would be interesting to see.

It would be interesting to know what has been done with the area of land the Furnasite was built one.

I will always remember the smell and smoke from that place as I travelled on the bus down that road to Mountainash grammar school ,the smell use to hang over the school when the wind was in the right direction. YUK

I wonder how Evacuee got on in Cwmaman ?
Maybe he is staying down there for a while hope he was not too disappointed with all the changes that have taken place.

It was quite a shock for me when I went back to Aberdare after several years away from there .

nothing has been done to the phurnicite plant, its just land that nobody is allowed on

Nuswaith da, well back from the valley last night a little weary after my 270 mile round trip but really a journey back 65yrs. It was so worth while, Brynhyfryd the street where we stayed with Liza, her sister Eyfron and their aged Father William Thomas is now Tarmaced and not humpty bumpty as I remember it. I made a point of speaking to anyone (of a certain age) and it was lovely as they were all so helpful and interested, each one making some contribution about the past and names of people I had forgotten. One sureal moment was when a car pulled up in Glanaman Rd and I was able to direct the driver - a Welshman - to Glynhafod! As a boy I attended Glynhafod school and sad to see it now closed and boarded up. Browns pit with all it's noise,dust and coal wagons have also long gone and replaced with grass and soccer pitches, how we would have preferred that to being chased by Sgt Soper - oh I don't know though it was exciting. Everyone I spoke to recalled Soper and the burly Constable Ace who also resided in Brynhyfryd. We met some nice chaps at the Glynhafod Working Men's Club entrance and were invited in by Fred the Steward, over a drink we met the few snooker players who are obviously regulars and again we heard more familiar names and looked at pictures of the valley.
I said I wished I was staying longer as 2 hrs wasn't long enough, I would love to have stayed until the club was full later and perhaps hear them sing. Perhaps Calon Llan or Ar Hyd Y Nos as a boy I used to hear the Thomas's sing by the coal fire with other hymns.
They quickly gave me the details of a place in Aberdare to stay next time and I sincerly hope I can make it happen. I lay my weary but happy head on the pillow last night and was soon recapping the day's events nice people I had met hours earlier, if I drifted off with a smile I wouldn't be at all surprised, Nos da Ladies

So pleased you had a wonderful few hours in your old town and meet some very nice people I moved away from Wales when i was 18 teen that was forty odd years ago. good night to you. Trish.

so glad you had a great time. yes next time stay longer there are plenty of b&b's here and a new premier inn by asda.

I am so glad you enjoyed yourself, it brought a bit of hireath to my throat even though I am only in North Wales,it is so hard to get from North Wales to South Wales, by train I have to leave my home at 8.10 to be in Pwllheli for the 9.30 train that gets me into Cardiff at 3.55 then have to catch a valleys train. I can go to Bangor but that is a hours Journey and then a 4 1/2 hrs journey so basically works out the same, can catch the National bus but have to go across to Birmingham to come down to Cardiff 10 hrs. or the Traws Cambrian which is about 8 hrs journey, honestly you can go abroad quicker than coming back home to South, makes you wonder if this is 1908 or 2008. But will be making the train journey down in June and be takeing the Cambrian coast train from Pwllheli, bueatiful scenery breath taking we follow the coast down to Aberdovey Station.

Glad to hear you had a good time in Cwmaman.
I feel like agedlady now and have a desire to go down to the valleys for a visit,must talk nice to the other half to see if we can go for a couple of days when the weather picks up a bit.

That is an awful long time to get from North Wales to Aberdare ,I suppose there is not even a direct road route either you have to zigzag back and forth across the country.

Oh to be royal or rich so we could have a helicopter and would be there in no time , as the crow


Yes I did have a good visit to the Land Of My Aunties, perhaps on my next visit God willing I will have time to look for their resting places and pay my respects, I did enquire where the nearest Cemetery is and learned it was Aberdare. Incidently Beacon girl I nearly chose Beacon boy as my call name as we live only a few hundred yards from the highest point around here called Barr Beacon, where all the courting couples go! now that would have started tongues wagging.
Amazing to read Agedlady's saga of getting from North to South Wales, I was back in Birmingham for 7-30 and it doesn't seem so far now. Roll on the better weather Nos da. E

oh to be able to do this journey between North and South in one day would be great, mind I do so enjoy the train journey as the view is so bueatiful on the one side you go all along the coast and on the other side you have the mountains and the Mawddach Estuary is well beyond belief. But still would be nice to get that quicker than we do.

I called myself Beacon Girl as I use to live at Beacon Road Rhigos way back in the forties and fifties .Would have been a laugh to have a Beacon Girl and Beacon Boy on here people would have thought we were a couple.
Calling myself Girl was a bit of wishful thinking on my part , should have been Beacon


That journey by train sounds really nice lots of lovely scenery to admire on the long trip. Much more relaxing than the journey by road would be with all the traffic on the roads these days.