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Retired Coal Miners Campaign

As some of you know, retired coal miners of the Tredegar and Cynon Valley areas have been collecting signatures promoting the fight to get a case heard in the House of Lords. The campaign is called: UK Miners Pension Scheme for Justice and Fair Play. Why are we campaigning? Some of you will remember Gordon Brown the then Chancellor of the Exchequer who in 2003 removed about £4billion from the coalworkers pension schemes. Even today £1000,000 a day is being removed from the coal workers pension schemes totaling a massive £8billion to date. Our aim is to raise 100,000 signatures minimum; this is being co-ordinated around the former coal mining towns and villages of the UK. There are stumbling blocks; that is to say that well known and powerfull super stores such as ASDA Aberaman and ASDA  Dowlais Top Merthyr Tydfil refuse permission for Pensioners to ask the good people of  the satelite communities to engage with us by appending their signatures to a paper form. As of writing this post more attempts have been submitted to ASDA. Meanwhile TESCO stores have submitted a little resistance but eventually capitulated. We collected from these TESCO stores: Aberdare 500 signatures, TESCO stores Merthyr Tydfil 520 signatures and with the Rhondda Cynon Taff's permission we collected  520 signatures from the Bus Station— Blackwood 560 signatures.

 An online petition we be available in the coming weeks, so maybe I can pin a message promoting the online version to one of their advertisment boards he he

Further to my previous post I omitted to mention the bus station was in fact Pontypridd and not Aberdare or Merthyr Tydfil. 

I'm happy to read that the miners raise their voice. Could you post a link to the petition? I'd like to sign it. Is there any information on the progress?