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Ref: Re-surfacing the A4061 mountain road at a cost of £1.25m

Email 18 May 2016

Vikki Howells Assembly Member for Cynon Valley copy to Andrew Morgan leader of RCTC

Ref: Re-surfacing the A4061 mountain road at a cost of £1.25m


Vikki you said on Twitter March 29 2016 “deliveries due to finish summer & roads rescanned prior to resurfacing”


Part of a report on WalesOnline

"The temporary traffic order allows for road closures to be implemented within the period from June 6 to August 31 only when absolutely necessary to undertake works.”


A spokesperson for Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd informed me “We are currently looking to finish the deliveries by the end of the summer.”


 Large turbine component deliveries will continue for a few months yet, would it be wise to re-surface areas where large turbine component deliveries are taking place? As you are aware there are 76 turbines plus all the blades.


From your response on Twitter I was under the apprehension that the road would be rescanned after turbine component deliveries had stopped prior to any work-taking place to assess how much Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd had to contribute towards reinstatement of the highway costs?


The Pen-y-Cymoedd development project itself is costing in excess of £365m and Vattenfall made a profit after tax of Skr6.6bn in the first three months of 2016


What areas are being resurfaced? And what and where drainage improvements are you making? And what road strengthens is taking place? What are the start dates and completion dates for the work?


I am aware this section of highway takes some ware and tare due to adverse weather in winter but I believe Vattenfall should contribute a large sum as well as the original damage the company will be using the road regular when the project is completed and will be the first to complain if it is blocked for some reason.


E Thomas


Response from Andrew Morgan 18 May 2016

This has already been taken in to account and the turbine component deliveries are likely to have been completed by the time the council starts resurfacing.


That said, the work on the mountain covers around 6km, the mountain road in total is just under 12km. The vast majority (Around 95%) of the work to be undertaken is outside the highway area vatenfall are using for deliveries.


The large section on the bottom of the Cynon side to be renewed will be undertaken at the end of the resurfacing programme as this section is used for deliveries and by then all deliveries will have ceased.


I trust this answers your point