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I hope i`m not breaking any rules Andrew? hoping this site can be looked at. Please turn up your volume up and grab a tiissue

such a moving slideshow and as a carer i have seen many elderly people become more frail and needy, i have also seen some of their children who can not be bothered to visit them. but i have seen the children who run around for their elderly parents and help them in everyway possible.

i know that i will help my parents in anyway possible, yet i would not like jacob to run around after me when i am old, i want him to have his own life and his own family to take care of. (silly i know)

Yes it is very moving and thought provoking brings tears to your eyes.

The comparison of old age and childhood is so true ,we do need help and cosideration in so many ways just as a child does .Also just like children we become very stubborn and head strong.

They say as we get older we go through our second childhood and that slide show really brings that fact home.

Life is so different now to what it was years ago when a few generations of a family lived together or in very close proximity to each other and were on hand to help each other out in times of need. Children fly the nest and move on to different town or countries and are not able to be on hand to help.
Lucky we have carers who are on hand to help the aged as much as they can .

to be honest having jacob wasn't really a change in my everyday routine as such, there are many comparisons to my job:

JACOB: get jacob up from bed in the morning
WORK: get resident up from bed in the morning

JACOB: bath / wash jacob
WORK: bath / wash resident

JACOB: feed breakfast to jacob
WORK: feed breakfast to resident

JACOB: change jacobs nappy
WORK: change residents nappy or assist them to use the toilet

JACOB: feed dinner to jacob
WORK: feed dinner to resident

JACOB: change jacobs nappy
WORK: change residents nappy or assist them to use the toilet

JACOB: put jacob down for a nap
WORK: assist a resident to bed for a nap

JACOB: change jacobs nappy
WORK: change residents nappy or assist them to use the toilet

JACOB: feed tea to jacob
WORK: feed tea to resident

JACOB: bath or wash jacob
WORK: bath or wash resident

JACOB: put jacob to bed
WORK: assist resident to bed

the other similarities with jacob and work is you spend some of your day singing and playing little games (dominoes or cards with residents in work) and also making sure that both jacob and residents have a bib on before meals.

it is heartbreaking to see these people looking like babies again and for me i only see the resident after their illness has kicked in, i dont know what they were like before it. i had a neighbour who was the nastiest person on earth and hated everyone but one day he had a stroke and after he left hospital he went into a nursing home which i used to go to every saturday to sing to the resident and make cups of tea with my group of st johns ambulance badgers that i used to teach first aid to. when i saw my neightbour there i was a little bit afraid to speak to him because of how nasty he was but when he saw me his eyes lit up and he made a brilliant appempt to smile at me. (i know there are some nasty old people out there but i'm talking about the ones with mental health problems and other illness)

i also know people who once an illness sets in they turn nasty and hit out at everyone around them. many a times i have been smacked in the mouth, punched in the stomach, scratched, bitten and even pushed down a few steps but to me its all part of the job and these people can't help it. i went into the job knowing that things like this would happen so i wasn't really shocked when i first got attacked. i just let it go over my head and try again.

think of it this way when you get smacked in the mouth, have your necklace snapped or even hit in the private areas by you little one do you scream and shout at them???? I doubt it because thats what children do and its usually by accident and its exactly the same with the elderly.

Thanks for that Dannyboy it was very touching and so true.

As for you Bunny You are an Angel. As much as I sympathise with old and infirm people I could never do what you do and look after them as I have a very weak constitution that doesn't allow me to deal with the unsavoury aspect of their condition and I would like to say a great big Thankyou to you Bunny and people like you who give such a wonderful and understanding service to our senior ctizens.

I have always felt that people like yourself are of a very special breed and again on behalf of all the people you have unselfishly helped over the years I will again say Thankyou Dear Bunny you are the salt of this earth and we do appreciate you much more than we ever say.

Love and Best wishes.