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Our Welsh Flag

I hear it has been mooted by some Welsh M.Ps that Wales be represented on the Union jack.

Personally I wouldn't want to be an after thought patch on the Union Jack. They didn't see fit to include us from the word GO so don't embarrass us now by offering a stripe or whatever to represent Wales on there.

Leave our beautiful Welsh flag alone I say, I'd suggest that most Welsh people are quite happy with our very distinctive flag that's recognised world wide.

What do you think?


I agree with you they should leave our flag well and truely alone, typical we Welsh have something bueatiful and they always want to try and destroy it, but it is beyond belief that it is Welsh men who want to destroy something that every one else loves and feels really proud of, will be remembering this next elections.

I agree with you on that one, I'm happy with the flag as it is.

I'm very happy with our Welsh flag, it's recognised as Cymro said, all over the world for its distinctive design. What i'm not happy with is that the gov in London England, didn't think that the Welshmen /women, who died in the last war,or their flag, were distinguished enough to warrant appearing on the united kingdom of n'ireland scotland and england rag.So if it were solely up to me i'd say balls to them and their dishcloth, but then again i think of OUR countrymen who died in the last war , and i think its a bloody disgrace that they're not represented.Perhaps the english royal family and her government don't think that a Welsh soldiers death is the equivalent of one of theirs, we're .........."Expendable"

I agree too ,keep the welsh flag as it is.

It is one of the most distinguished and recognisable flags in the world .

Sticking the dragon on the Union jack will take away its outstanding individuality.


I tell you what. Why don't we on here start a campaign to fly the flag somewhere prominant on our properties like Americans, Australian and Kiwis do. Let's be proud of it and proud to show it also.

It may catch on and we'd see Welsh flags flying all over the place in Wales or anywhere where Welsh men/women live. I got a prominent enamel "Welsh Flag" pop riveted to my electric box which is attached to the wall of the house outside so that the meter man can read the meters, and at my front door I have a plaque with "Cymru Fach"
on it and my car's number plate is "Cymro 1" and you'd be surprised how many people ask me about it.

Go for it Cariad


If an Englishman can join this debate I am with you Cymro re the promotion of what I think is a great Flag, I did make the comment to a a Cwmaman man on my recent visit that it was good to see the road signs shown in Welsh as well as English, he came back with 'Yes but they have to be below the English name' he has a point as did the comment that 'We don't want Welsh added to the Union flag as an after thought' I display a Suez Veteran's Sticker on my car out of respect for those who didn't come home and it attracts comments so perhaps advertising the fact is a good idea.I noticed that Derbyshire now has it's own flag following a Public competition for the best design and a handsome one it is - you have one so flaunt it!

"The Welsh dragon does not appear on the Union Flag. This is because when the first Union Flag was created in 1606, the Principality of Wales by that time was already united with England and was no longer a separate principality".
I found this while researching why the Welsh flag wasn't displayed on the Union Jack. So, like it or not fellow countrymen (and women of course) Wales has been part of England apparently since 1606!! I for one display my Welsh heritage very proudly here in Canada. The front plate on my car is the Welsh flag and I have a large flag sticker displayed on the boot and on my mailbox outside my house. I do have a huge Welsh flag that I keep meaning to hoist up onto a flag pole but I'm not sure if the local bylaws would allow me to display it - should find out and just do it.
Cymru am Byth - yes I was one of "freedom marchers" in the late 60's parading around Aberdare demanding "freedom from England", as you know, we didn't succeed!

After seeing this topic I went on Google and had a look around for what it had to say about the Red Dragon and the welsh flag.
I was surprised to find the following.

In 1901 the red dragon officially became the symbol of Wales and in 1959 the present Queen made the red dragon on a green and white background the official flag for Wales.

Thought the red dragon and the welsh flag went much further back in history than that.
You live and learn.

The Welsh Dragon that represents Wales has its roots far back in History. The Poets Aneirin and Taliesin use the Welsh word for dragon- 'draig' in the sense of a warrior or leader. This is reflected in the Arthurian times when British Cheifs in extreme danger were given the name Pen Dragon the head of the dragon, such as given to Arthurs father Uther Pendragon.

And is believed to have originated from the folk lore of how Merlin Advised the fifth century King Vortigan, about the two sleeping dragons one Red Dragon and one white dragon that lived under the spot where he chose to build his fortress, which was to be used to repell the Anglo Saxon invaders, the King ordered the dragons to be woken up, and an ensuing battle took place between the white and red dragon which went on for years,the Red Dragon, suffering many injuries at first, triumphed the white dragon. Myddrin (Merlin)interpreted this as a prophesy as that ultimately the Welsh after many years of adversaty would repell the anglo saxons and keep their lands, their language and their traditions.

And Henry Tudor a Welshman incorperated the Welsh Dragon into his court of arms when he ascended the English Throne in 1485. Was this the fulfillment of Myrddins prophecy.

Well After all that enlightenment I'm even more determined now to keep our flag as is.

I think you would be hard pressed to find a more distinctive flag in the world today and It is recognised as the flag of Wales and as such it should stay and to hell with the silly bloody ploiticians who want to be represented on the Union Jack which is just about the most reviled flag in the world because of all the blood spilt on it. There may possibly be one more hated flag and that would be the Stars & Stripes.

Y Ddraig Goch a Gymru Am Byth


This is a good web site for history on the Welsh flag, yes it certainly does go way, way back in history. I don't see how they can even think of adding it to the Union Jack now.
Yes indeed, there is a lot of blood on the British flag, not a very flattering history if you read of the terrible things done by the UK in times past. I agree with you Cymro, the US flag is probably the most hated these days, but in fairness, not all Americans are bad, misguided most certainly because they voted Bush back in last time!, but not bad. Just wish Bush would go away, a complete idiot, I heard a joke that the only reason he is over in the Middle East at the moment is because he is determined to find "the weapons of mass destruction" He still believes they exist!! LOL. Poor US has certainly gone down the tubes with him as president, our Canadian dollar is on par with the US dollar now, which is of course great for us Canadians but very sad for the American people who are losing their homes and businesses in the hundreds every day. The middle east war - another war that cannot be won, another Viet Nam all over again.

I wouldn't for a minute suggest that all Americans are bad but some of their leaders are dead stupid on times.

Tricky Dickie was one but I think this clown in office now plus a few of his corrupt offsiders takes the biscuit.

He must be an embarrassment to a lot of Americans, especially when he opens his mouth.

The American foriegn policy is one disaster after another, They lack deplomacy in the extreme and the "Gun" seems to be their answer to solving too many problems, At home and certainly abroad.

One day they might come up with a fairminded and humanitarian president who is aware that there are other countries in this world, not just The United States of Awmericaw. But I don't think we have too much time left so they'd better get cracking soon before the whole world just cooks itself as a result of man's stupidity.

It is one of the world's least democratic countries in spite of what they preach.


I too living in Canada also have my front plate on my vehicle as the Welsh Flag we are lucky here in Alberta we only need a back license plate so my Welsh plate sits on the front of my vehicle and my son who was only 7 when we left Wales flies a Welsh Flag of his children tree house he certainly lets them know where he was born.

There is not another race or Country like Wales because no matter where we live or travel we are always Welsh, and as a Chinese tourist said last year,"we love Wales for its bueatiful country side and mountains, but most of all we love the Welsh People, they stop and talk and ask where we are from are we enjoying ourselves, the Welsh people are the gentlest and most polite people we have come across in our travels" and do you know what they said they had been invited into a complete strangers house for a cup of tea as the cafe in the village was closed, these people could not believe it the places they had travelled and this had never happened before. I had to laugh mind cause I was one of those peopple ask them where they were from. And that is why the Welsh are excepted everywhere.

Hi my younglady I am a bit late coming in on this Flag disscusion, But as for me and all the Wesh flags I see hundreds driving around Australia, Those two Men and i use the word man in their case as filth that want to get on the union jack,should become poms, they do not rate having there two little brains they keep in their pants cut off they should be hung by their feet bareass and let the crows eat them, but then that would be cruelty to the crows, Y DDRAIG GOCH was used as a crest by the early Welsh kings, Arthur Cadwallon and Cadwaladr, it was unfurled as a battle standard at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor bearing a Red Dragon on a green and white back ground. It is strange that you were talking to some chinese people, be cause, in the Korean
(war )!! the First Battalian the Welsh Reg,.were not attacked as great as other Regements and some of the chinese captured said that they did not want to attack the dragon flag because it was part of their life,and it was bad luck for them, and I was in the Welsh Reg when they came to Hong Kong from Korea, But these mongrels that want to do this thing, well If i was one of them i would get another set of eyes put in the back of my head
What a lot of people dont know is that churchill would not come back to Wales after he had english soldiers fire on miners in the streets, and there are photographs
showing this
Okay thats enough but my support is we keep OUR FLAG
TAKEcare all seeya Doug OZ

Thanks for that information about the welsh flag and its history.
I agree keep the welsh flag.
Today no doubt there will be hundreds waved with pride as the welsh support their Rugby team at Twickenham.
Good luck to them hope they win.


A few years back a local lad had a wels flag put on his number plate and was fined for defacing his plate. When I first moved to North Wales I was suprised at how many people fly the Welsh Flag out side their houses or in their windows as had never seen much of this down South, when I see the Welsh flag and hear the Welsh Anthem I have goose bumps all down my neck and feel so proud \i could cry, sometimes I do cry lol

hi Younglady I feel the same way we can fly the flag in Australia but it must be below the level of the Australian flag and the Abo flag gan also be flown.
But we do get a tear now and again

WALES downed the English TODAY go it boys

The australin flag has the Jack on it and the AUSTRAlian true people want it gone but the poms want to keep it on there

we will have to stop meeting like this some one might talk

Doug OZ