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New Year Resolutions

Made the usual New years Resolution to give up smoking.!!!!!!!!!!!
Got up on the 1st of January feeling really rough and could not eat or drink, the only thing I could do was smoke, so resolution went out the window.(Thats my excuse anyway) LOL

Must try harder ,I think I only got ill in the first place through standing out in the freezing could smoking.OH HUMBUG.

i give up smoking last christmas ( i had a little help though, i was pregnant) i have now been smoke free for 13 months. this year i want to get as much weight off as i can. i need to lose at least 7 stone, i'm starting a slimming club on thursday so hopefully i will do it. i'm also trying to build up the confidence to go to aqua aerobics.

I gave up smoking when I was pregnant with my daughter not because at that time I was advised but because it used it use to upset me so much and have been smoke free for 26 1/2 years could never face it after I had my daughter. But boy did I pile on the weight devils own to get rid of it, but did eventually, get out with the pram walking does help, best of luck, don't forget mind of matter.

I gave up smolking some 20odd years ago thank goodness. I don't think I would be here writing this now if I hadn't.

It is hard to give up for sure, In fact they do say it is one of the hardest drugs to give up so you must have a good incentive. Of course looking forward to better health is one but look at your kids too, You want to see them grow up don't you? Well, Thats about the best incentive there is. Go On, You Can Do It.


7 Stone ? You should go to Aqua Butchers and have a leg cut off ha! ha!

hey Bunny I was 15st 10 after I gave up smoking took a lot of effort and did not go straight away but did lose it eventually, I found aqua aerobics and aqua gym good as it did not hurt so much, and also pushing the pram was the biggest help if you get a chance to read Paul Makena's book some useful tips in there should be able to get it in the library, good luck and keep at it girl you will get there.

Hi Bunny
They say that swimming is on of the best exercises you can do to loose weight and generally tone up your muscles.

I agree with agedlady get out and about pushing the pram not on the flat ground but up the many hills around Aberdare there are plenty of them.Up to the top of Monk street once a day should do the trick.!!!!!!!!!LOL


thats the thing though, anybody who knows me will know that i am out with the baby everyday, pauls sister lives up monk street so i walk up there quite a bit, if we only need 1 or 2 things from the shop i walk instead if taking the car, my doctors is in trecynon so i usally walk there too (as long as the weather isnt too bad). in the summer when jacob was born i was up the park and the country park nearly everyday and it was the same through my pregnancy, just think i ate too much when i got home lol.

oh well new year, new start lol

hey chin up just keep trying, don't let it get you down,I had a heck of a job to lose a Ilb and used to get so down went on for ages then all of a sudden I started to lose weight, take Jacob swimming with you see if that does you any good. Will be routing for you.

I find it hard to lose weight too Bunny, I do weights every morning before breakfast, then I do floor exercises after and also before each meal, I don't eat supper mostly and have cut down on my food intake but still I can't seem to lose too much, but I must admit I do feel good doing the exercises and maybe one should be happy about that as after all it's how you feel that matters and not always how you look.

Some of us were never meant to look like a hollywood star anyway but a lot of those aren't too happy either what I see of it.


thanks guys

well we are trying to finish all the christmas treats before thursday lol. to be honest i'm quite excited now to go on this diet. (sad i know) lol

Hey not sad at all, go for it girl, like Cymro said we are not all size 00 or mean't to be, it is at the end of the day what is in side a person that counts.

Diets very rarely work Bunny. There is only one sure way to lose weight and keep it off and of course stay healthy at the same time and that's by "EATING LESS" a must. "EXERCISING" esential

You probably are getting enough exercise pushing the baby around Aberdare in his puschair so you have to address the other problem with determination, NOT EASY but good luck to you anyway and keep us informed.

Eating the right foods will keep you healthy and satisfied.

5 veges and 2 fruits each day is the way to go. No sugary drinks, Black tea is better, very little coffee.

Have fun.



I have gone on a diet i have lost a few pounds since Xmas i only drink black tea have done for years and i have cut out coffee .i do my exercising by taking the dog for walks Trish

Bunny, just do not let the diet and weight thing take over, just enjoy every minute with Jacob and just be aware of what you eat, and don't forget never go shopping hungary, I always carry an apple with me and a bottle of water so that when I go out and I happen to be a bit hungry I am prepared.

Bananas and a bag of trail mix are another two great items to carry. As for 'diets' I believe that unless you have a medical condition that demands the removal or decrease in intake of certain foods a balanced intake of all the food groups and a healthy lifestyle is all you need. Size 0 in now way means healthy, just as 'slightly overweight' means unhealthy. Also as far as am I concerned this craze regarding B.M.I (Body Mass Index) is complete bunkum and is no more than pop-culture gone mad.

Dave S

i dont drink tea or coffee anyway only pop, so i've swapped my pop for water & i have special k for breakfast. last night i really felt like picking and did slip and have a go ahead bar. waiting for my exercise dvd to come back from

Must knuckle down to some sort of diet mysself as I put on 8 pound over christmas.
I find just cutting out the cakes biscuits and sweets does the trick ,and drinking plenty of water to stave of the hunger pangs between meals.
I find it hard at the moment as I am trying to cut out the smoking too which makes me want to keep nibbling junk food all the time . Cut down to 5 a day at the moment ,this is not the best way to do it I should just go cold turkey .

Good luck to everybody trying to give up something ,let us know how you get on.

Just a quick comment. I fought and won a battle with both Alcohol and Smoking and if I learned anything it is this.

1. You have to truly want to quit for yourself. It's kind of like light-bulb going on inside your head.

2. Only try to quit one thing at a time.

Thus whilst quitting smoking allow yourself to nibble. Once you have beaten the fags you will become healthier and will find it easier to loose weight.

Good luck, Dave S :-)

Hi Angelfishsolo

Thank you for those comments.
My biggest problem I think is I don't really deep down want give up. I enjoy the occasional cigarette

I find it much easier to give up food.

The doctor says giving up smoking is more important than loosing weight.


congratulations on winning your fight with Alcohol and Smoking, addiction is a terrible thing to fight against. i was addicted to food and smoking but as i give up smoking 13 months ago my addiction is just food. i have a friend who likes a drink, yet never gets drunk yet she had her child taken from her. her child was always well dressed, well fed he even said his prayers, even though his other liked a drink she always took care of her son, yet social services took over and now her son has been adopted. this was a sad story. i tried to help her kick the booze and she did untill they decided to put her son up for adoption then she decided there was nothing left for her and hit the bottle again. i'm trying to help her again and like i said to her when he's 18 he'll come looking for her and i asked her if she'd rather him visit her when he's 18 or her grave. i know that might sound nasty but i think its starting to work. she was lucky that her son was adopted by a family member but even so she can not have any access to him. lets just hope we can all help eachother to kick any addictions that we have and dont want.

Bunny - Thank you very much indeed. Congratulations on kicking the weed. I feel terribly saddened by the story you have told and wonder if the right decision was made by SS. However I guess something / someone must have alerted them. The stance you are taken with your friend is called Tough Love and is a very powerful one. However, as I have said before, somebody can only begin to fight against an addiction if THEY truly want to. Fighting for any other reason will result in failure. There is medical help that is available, tablets that suppress the desire for alcohol ( Acamprosate) and also tablets that make you sick when you drink on them (Antabuse AKA Disulfiram ) but these can only work when used in conjunction not with will power but desire.

So sorry to hear of your friends sad story.
Glad you are able to be there for her and try and help her to beat the addiction.It is good she has someone to rely on and talk to at this terrible time ,it can be a great help.
Best of luck to her for the future.



dont know what you actually mean by weed but i only smoked cigarettes. i have never touched drugs. not sure if you meant drugs or just plain old cigarettes lol

No I meant cigarettes. Sorry for any confusion. Nicotine was always referred to as "the weed" in my youth :-) BTW this article on Nicotine is fascinating.

That is a very interesting article on Nicotine ,heck of a lot of big words in there that I do not understand.

Seems that nicotine is not all bad as I found the section on Theraputic Uses very interesting indeed.

ah right no problem chick lol (just thought u thought i was smoking blow) lol