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New School Roundabout (Aberaman / Town)

So finally a sign went up near the roundabout at the new school indicating which lane goes where, now how about road markings on the exit of town to Aberaman. Every time I use the lanes to go from town to Aberaman bypass like a vast majority use the outside lane as I consider the inside for turning left towards Tesco & the new school. Am I and the vast majority using the WRONG lane??

You are in the correct lane i.e. the right hand lane if you are comming from the town centre heading towards the Aberaman bypass. Be very caerfull though when you are comming from the Aberaman bypass and heading straight on to the A4059 (towards the sports centre roundabout), as the sign is stating to take the middle lane, which is fine. However, I've had idiots to the left of me who seem incapable of reading signs or staying in their chosen lane, and decide to take the left lane in the first instance as they are heading into town (which is correct according to the sign on approach), but then stray over to the middle lane whilst on the roandabout! I've nearly been taken out twice there. Can't wait to get my dashcam fitted as it is only a matter of time before a collision occurs there.