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New appointments ???

  I  see  RCT  are  looking  for  another  individual  for  the  "Standards Committee"

 What  Standards  would  they  be  then  as  the  standards  that  demolition  sites  are  left  in   in  R C T  is  disgusting.

I've  just  seen  the  site  that  was  once  the  proud  Hendrefadog  Secondary  school  and  it's  an  absolute  disgrace  and  it's  not  the  only  site  in  R C T  left  in  this  terrible  state.

RCT  is  making  the  once  proud  valley's  an undesirable  place  to  live  now  and  heading  for  slum  status.  It  was  a  much  nicer  place  to  live  back  in  the  50s  with  all  the  amenities  being  shut  down  although  the  people  are  still  paying  for  them.

 Shape  up  R C T  and  give  the  people  what  they  are  paying  for  or  ship  out  altogether.


There’s a site next to the Black Lion in Aberdare it once had a grade2 listed building on it again RCTC and Cadw allowd the building to deteriorate, now the site in the middle of Aberdare looks like a bomb site. The site is still grade 2 listed but what is the real reason why no action has been taken by either RCTC or Cadw against the owner to get the area cleaned up? Only time will tel. The Black Lion has applied for development to turn the once hotel into flats likewise the old dole office next to the Black Lion and also the Boot hotel.