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Joc o the North

There’s no question that Neil McEvoy divides opinion, both within his own party, Plaid Cymru, and also within the wider community. The one place where opinion seems to be united is in the Labour Party, where people universally hate him. In many ways he is the enfant terrible of Welsh politics, a role that has gone unfilled for far too long.

Now you know me, in my book, being hated by ‘Welsh’ Labour is no bad thing, and can very often be a mark of distinction given the odious bastards we find in that corrupt and self-serving gang of liars, crooks, bigots, careerists and BritLanders. (‘BritLanders’ are sad cases who delude themselves that Britain or the UK is something other than England by another name.)

I absolutely agree with you about Welsh Labour- it should be pointed out that there is no disestablished Labour Party in Wales, only in Scotland. People call it 'Welsh' Labour, but in fact it's not official, just a PR trick to fool the electorate into thinking that they are seperated from Labour UK- a stunt they add to by calling themselves 'Llafur' at their party conferences.  The UK media have got to take a lot of the blame as well whenever they bother to cover Welsh Affairs in the first place- the only party they focus on is Labour, and to a certain extent the LibDems, they ignore Plaid Cymru completely. The BBC is the prime offender, I hate them.