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Is it illegal to drive with headphones on?

Yes, if both ears are covered- I think you can have one earpiece in, but it's dodgy as you can be easily distracted by the music and the police will mark you down for it if you are in an accident. There is talk about making headphones completely illegal whilst driving.

I'm not sure about the legality... but it strikes me as an exceptionally stupid thing to do regardless of the law. You are in charge of a vehicle... it's not a toy or a video game.. 1½ ton of metal moving at speed... think about it ffs.. cos it's a bit late AFTER an accident!

I've heard it is illegal and you can get a high fine for it. It is logical, because asa a driver you not only need to see everything what's going on around you, but also you need to hear all noises, like sirens or other alarm signals. It is very risky to have the headphones, as it is having loud music even from speakers.

Drive safe!


It is not illegal.

However it is unlawful to drive while distracted. Using earphones is no different to using a hands free kit (which is lawful).


As for marking you down, no, they won't. Unless they can prove that you were "distracted". Where as driving while texting is a specific motoring offence. Doesn't matter if you're distracted or not, using a mobile phone at the wheel gets a fine.