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History question

I am working on a project related to the coal industry in Aberdare.  Does anyone have any idea of where I can find the answer to the following or maybe some can quote the answer from the top of their heads:

-the number of pits sunk in Aberdare as a whole by 1881

-the number of pits sunk in the Aberaman area by 1881

Thanks in advance.

An excellent website to investigate is  The Glamorgan East page should give you the information you require - good luck with your research.

Book titled "Cynon Coal - History of a Mining Valley"

Published by Cynon Valley History Society

Cost me £25 quite a few years ago (used copy)... was lucky to get it as not many copies about even then (probably less so now) but detailed and informative... highly recommended

Maybe put in a request at library and see if they can track one down for you..

..just checked, there's a couple on Ebay at <£15

well worth buying...