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Hirwaun Power Plant

Hirwaun Power Plant - Open Letter

Once again, 2000 years after the grant of Hirwaun Common for pasturage to the commoners of Brecon & Blaenau for ever ad infinitum, the population is being hoodwinked into agreeing for rich autocrats and oligarchs to trespass on the people's soil. The process of erosion of the commoners right began slowly under such prominent affluent absentee harvesters of money such as Henry VIII, Earl of Pembroke, Lord Bruce, Crawshays, Marquiss of Bute, Tyrone O'Sullivan etc. Now the Common, once rich pasture for the vanished rare breed of Hirwaun pony, the broc, and a particular sheep bred by the monastery monks of old, is a spoil of pit workings, forestry and wind farms, testimony to the betrayal of successive corrupt parliaments and their twisting of the Inclosure Act laws by rich lawyers to meet the empirical ends of their masters. The whole town of Hirwaun by definition is a squatters camp, only farm tenants by law are allowed to lease land here.

It is time to realise that every large scale project begun in Hirwaun ended in failure due to the short sighted money grabbing ambition of here today gone tomorrow men, now dust, and the failure of the elders to vouchsafe the legacy of their long inheritance. A herd of wild ponies would be of more worth to the peace of the soul than a gas guzzling giant designed to power the kettles of Birmingham for only 25 years before leaving again a scar from the wound of the many knives that stab at the heart of your ancient and generous prince Gwrgant.

If you care so much about 'fuel efficiency' then why is the giant gas leak between Cwmbach and Mountain Ash never fixed? The stench of (I assume non combustible gas) can be smelt by train car and pedestrian within half a mile for over 3 years. Yet More Hypocrisy.

James Burton 31.7.15