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hello i am a newbie to this site

hello I just found and  joined this site out of lonliness but nobody is here     

Hello ,Hedgewytch why not join us old miners? We need more fingers spreading our ongoing Online Pension. To start off, have a look at my posts on here; if they've whetted your appetite for more info; all you have to do is search Miners Pension Fight, also Take care and we'll soon be doing battle trying to get justice for retired Coal Workers/Miners


Hey Garreth, thanks for such a nice invitation! I'm also a new user to this forum. I will have a look at the link you provided. It is really heartwarming to see people that still care, no matter how well things are going for the miner's community.

Take care!


HEDDWCH, HEDGEWYTCH!! Welcome to the site. I'm new to the site too- I've posted several comments but nobody's replied to mine either. I think the site just needs to get better known, it is quite new after all. Keep posting though- don't be lonely, there's a lot of local community organisations out there where you can find social contact.