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Forums seem a bit 'cliquish' to me....

I'm new to the site, and even although I only posted my first few comments within the last 3 days or so nobody seems interested in responding. There seems to be a bit of a 'clique' within the Forum community who have a kind of inner circle and don't want to welcome outsiders or newcomers, just talk to each other- a bit like Facebook. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon, but I don't want to get disillusioned....

Owen, maybe you are like us retired miners trying hard to attract attention or starting a debate! The General Election is only a few weeks away and Ann Clwd has said on her Twitter account that she is up for another stab at a MP for the Cynon Valley. 

Vikky Howells AM is younger and has more energy, she is ideally placed to be our Member Of Parliament lived and worked in the Cynon Valley.

why not give her your support. 


I have been a member of this site for many years. You are quite right and the clique-ish-ness has been here from the beginning.  In fact when I started reading and posting there were a few who would only discuss with their "favourites" and they had - just like groups of high school students - in jokes and personal discussions. I knew from their discussions that they were the same age as me and probably went to school with me.  But just like other groups we come across in real life there are people you like and people you would not hang out with.  be aware of those who will shoot you down for almost anything you say - I suppose it comes with the territory - as even a harmless comment raises the heckles in some because they took you the wrong way.  I have been told I shouldn't be commenting because I don't live in Aberdare anymore even though I know of at least two others who live in the same province as me (one I think even lives in my quadrant of the city) 

I think it was a good idea to start the site and I was quite interested in the beginning. Sometimes I come to the site to look at photos (found one of myself the other day) or to see if there is anything interesting going on in Aberdare.  I originally thought the genealogy section would grow but it didn't. Also, no matter what topic you might be discussing, the Labour Party and its antics will always take over. There probably should be a separate discussion section called "My Opinion of the Labour Party" and let them have at it. Having several members of my Welsh family as politicians I am satiated.

The last straw for me though was when people who still live in Aberdare, and obviously Welsh,  were using American slang in their normal conversations.  I knew then that Aberdare was not the Aberdare I knew. 

So, apart from being compelled to answer your question, I haven't posted a comment for a long while.  As my mother used to say "it's a pile of old twaddle" (probably upset someone now:-)) but perhaps new members like you can revitalize or even re-invent what the discussion groups should be like. (Would be a good platform for a blogger to keep people up-to-date with interesting goings on).

So final word,Owen, We should all be wary users. 

Owen I fully understand your frustration with the Discussion Forums setup & I concur with what AP has added.  I've copied an earlier entry saying much the same thing last year viz.

Received today from Ken Sullivan via Campaigns by You  -  Thank you for signing the petition "Mineworker Pension Fight"

The more people who get behind this issue, the more likely it is that decision makers will pay attention. Every name added to the petition takes it one step closer to succeeding.

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I'm sorry your pleas have found little support on this site, but I am not surprised.  The Discussion Forum has for a long time been dominated by one person's input which for the most part has been so opinionated it has become a real turnoff for regular readers like myself. I try, where possible to contribute, but I rarely comment on things other than history/family trees etc. It's such a pity that Aberdare Online appears to lack an editorial group!