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 Hello  AOL

I've  been  missing  for  some  time  now  on  this  forum  because  of  my  wife's  illness  as  I  was  her  carer  for  the 9  years  she  has  had  Alzheimers,  Sadly  she  passed away  last  March  and  it's  taken  it's  toll  on  me  as  you  can  imaging  having  been  married  for  62  years.

 However  life  must  go  on  as  they  say  as  painful  as  that  may  be  on  times  so  here  I  am  with  my  two  penneth  but  I  must  say  having  come  back  it  is  disappointng  to  me  to  see  the  lack  of  postings  on  here.  At  one  time  not  that  long  ago  it  was  a  very  lively  forum  indeed  and  friends  were  even  made  through  participation.

 I  was  born  and  raised  in  Tylorstown  in  the  Rhondda  and  Aberdare  was  very  often  a  shopping  centre  we  liked  to  visit  with  it's  good  array  of  shops,  the  market  and  of course  the  park  which  was  always  a  pleasure  to  visit.  I  have  moved  a  little  further  away  these  days  but  still  like  to  keep  in  touch  with  "Home'

I  hope  some  of  you  that  used  to  contribute  will  again  start  posting  and  also  new  members  of  course, I'm  sure  some of  you  would  get  a  lot  of  pleasure  by  posting  and  keeping  in  touch  with  whats  going  on  in  the  valley.

 Best  wishes  to  everyone  as  well  as  the  staff  who  have  done  a  great  job  over  the  years  to  keep  this  forum  going.

  All   the  best from  Down  Under







Hi Cymro 1203- Very Sorry to hear about your wife, it must be very painful for you- I lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago and I'm still grieving terribly. My Dad has Alzheimer's, but I'm not terribly close to him- he lives in a sheltered flat up in Herefordshire.  I agree about the lack of site activity, I've found that myself- have posted several messages and notices on it but no response. It's got very 'cliqy', just a few people who know each other using it to talk amongst themselves.  Not a lot changed in Aberdare, you'll be relieved to know- you may be aware that the old Boy's School opposite the park by the traffic lights has been demolished to make way for new houses, but they've kept the clock tower with it's cupola, and none of the other old schools on the Hirwaun Rd. are in danger. Also Robertstown Infants School was demolished two years ago, which has been a source of much sadness  to many who went there- I live directly opposite where it used to be. The old factory next door, which used to be Jupiter Furniture Warehouse, is being converted into a car auction centre.  There's a brand new college opening at the bottom of the main road through Robertstown, down by the roundabout opposite the station- very trendy modern 'wedgy' design, much is being made of it but they don't offer very much in the way of academic courses, it's mainly for vocational training. The old Victorian Aberdare Station building is being converted into an arts centre. There's a new 6th form college been built next to the 1970s swimming pool on the 'Ynys',, but the 40 year old lido is still pegging on. Aberdare Museum, which is in one of the old ironworks buildings in the Tesco supermarket compound, is now doing much better than it was and is open for longer- it's had an interior makeover so the contents are much better displayed.  The Cambrian Lampworks at the bottom of Robertstown's main road (just up from where the new college is) burnt down last year, but it was going to be demolished anyway- may have been an insurance job. Made me very sad, the miner's lamp musical box I had for my Christening was made there.  The area outside the library has been spruced up and made into something of a plaza, where public events are often held and there's a branch of Starbucks opened in one of the opposite buildings, which has tables outside in good weather. 

So you've moved to Australia- wherabouts? Are you involved in any Welsh expat societies out there? One of Australia's greatest statesmen, W.M.'Billy' Hughes, was Welsh, and for my sins he was also my cousin! He was PM from 1915 -23, and remained in high office until his death in late October '52, aged 90.  I live in Robertstown, as you've probably gathered- whereabouts in Aberdare were you?  I'm active in my local church, St.Fagans in Trecynon, and was Confirmed there the weekend before last. It has a great vicar, an Englishman called Father Richard Green- his predecessor but one was murdered by a schitzophrenic in 2007, there is a memorial garden to him in the churchyard.  wales as a whole is progressing well with devolution, The Wales Act 2017 came into force last month which gives the Assembly the right to call itself a Parliament now, as well as new powers over energy, transport and taxation- needless to say, the anti-Welsh UK media does their best to ignore it and only talks about what's happening in Scotland, although Carwyn Jones has warned that the Uk Government's Brexit policy could create a constitutional crisis if the devolved administrations have powers previously awarded to them by the EU, taken back under Westminster control. The BBC Wales website is not bad actually, you can check that out on the internet any time to keep up with happenings in your homeland. Do you think you'll ever come home to Wales again?

Keep posting on the Forum, I for one will not ignore your messages- All the Best!!