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Food from Cloned Animals

Something that is being reported here today in the UK is that in America cloned animals are being eaten in the food chain. Meat products from chickens, pigs, and higher- yielding dairy cows are already being consumed. This has appeared because the European Food Safety Authority EFSA will give support to EU scientists who say meat and milk from cloned farm animals should be cleared for sale. All this while the EFSA admits it is a relatively new technology, "the available data for risk assessment are limited" and there are gaps in knowledge about the welfare of the animals involved.
Yesterday's statement also concedes: "Death and disease rates of clones are significantly higher than in conventionally-reproduced animals.”The health and welfare of a significant proportion of clones have been found to be adversely affected."
The original clone Dolly the Sheep, created by the Roslyn Institute in Scotland, suffer the early onset of crippling arthritis. Other animals suffer horrific deformities, are we really playing God for the benefit of the human race.
How any of us are aware that this is going on and possibly eating potentially life threatening foods let us know your views

Yuk,think it is time to seriously become a Veggie, put me off meat for ever the thought of eating cloned animals.

Man has always tried to play God and usually the result is disastrous, He will never succeed in doing so of course because God's way is "NATURAL" whereas man's is only a copy.

Take for example food production, Man tries to alter the natural processes by adding this, that and the other chemicals to our foods and this I believe to be one of the main causes of the high incidence of cancer in today's world.

Governments criticise the populace for being too overweight or obese with unafordable health costs to the nation while at the same time allow animals to be fed "STEROIDS" so that they can become more profitable to the producers. We at the upper end of the food chain indirectly absorb those steroids and aren't steroids used by body builders and sports people when they want to "BULK UP" Of course they don't conduct tests or experiments to prove or disprove this theory because "THERE IS A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY AT STAKE ISN'T THERE. And that's the bottom line in most cases these days. Think about it as really there is not much point in anyone going on a diet if our normal food is laced with steroids.


Never quite understood why they should want to clone animals in the first place ,was it so that in future years they would be sufficient food to feed the human race.
The way scientists are going with their crazy experiments there will be no human race left to feed.
No one really know either what sort of long term effects all the additives put into foods will have on use.
Let nature be I say it has managed to cope quite well for thousands of years .