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Equality for Cancer Screening

One in three people are now going to be touched by cancer. The NHS is now sixty years old it is time we introduced cancer screening for all men, women and children equally in Wales the home of the NHS. (Aneurin Bevan).
Support our Cancer Screening Vigil and our petition that is in the Welsh Assembly.

I agree with you but, also believe there should also be full screening for Diabetes 1 and 2 right across the board not wait until you show symptoms.

Genetic and physical screening for certain cancers is already offered ie bowel and ovarian to families with a strong history.
Cervical and breast cancer screening is offered as a matter of course.
Prostate cancer can be detected initially by a blood test.
Diabetes screening is more difficult. Again a strong family history and lifestyle are indicators. Diagnosis is made on a series of fasting blood glucose tests, and sometimes a glucose tolereance test as well.
Diabetes is difficult to predict, by the time high sugars are detected other symptoms such as excessive thirst, weight loss, tiredness etc have already appeared. With Type 1 affectng mostly the younger element it is rapid, with Type 2 it is a longer process.
GP surgeries who run 'well woman / man' clinics where patients are assessed yearly will already offer detection services through simple blood tests and consultation which takes a short time to do.
Of course its up the the patient to take advantage of what is already offered as well.
A lot is down to the individual to assess their own lifestyle and do any adjustments as a preventative measure.

Having said all that, the nature of the beast that is cancer does not allow for prediction.
A few months ago my husband (age 46) died of lung cancer. he was a non smoker, had a healthy lifestyle and was symptom free. His GP sent him for a routine Chest Xray for 'post viral' dry cough that had gone on for 3 weeks, and the tumour plus extensive secondaries in both lungs showed up.
There was no history of breathing difficulties,weight loss, lack of appetite, blood coughed up - nothing to suggest this was going on.
Despite 3 months of very aggressive chemo, he lived 10 months after diagnosis.

Awareness campaigns are invaluable - as long a people read, ingest and adjust lifestyle, and of course seek advice EARLY on any warning bells that may go off.

Sorry but not all Drs screen for Diabetes 2 this is one of the silent killers of the 21st Century I am type 2 but had no symptoms and there are quite a few like me no major symptoms except for getting up in the night to go to toilet but no excessive thirst, just a routine thyroid check up and came back type 2. Just like your Husband a lot of my friends who were not smokers have died over the last few years of lung cancer, sometimes wonder if it is from the era we lived in every where you went there was smoking, from picture house to the dances on buses no where was excempt, they say impassive smoking is worst, I am sorry for your loss.

absolutely - but all GP surgeries should offer the same services. The getting up all night to the loo is a classic symptom I omitted, as is 'ladies irritation'

I think my husband was one of the VERY unlucky ones where the type of tumour can apear anywhere in the body, but in the lung for him.
He had been excessively exposed to passive smoking over the, but it is doubtful if it was of any significance.

Thank you for your sentiment - very much appreciated1

Sorry for your loss also, this story is happening all too often. Below is an example of what we should be planning for.
GAITHERSBURG, Md., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Panacea Pharmaceuticals' lung cancer diagnostic test, LC Detect(SM), has been named one of Time Magazine's Ten Biggest Medical Breakthroughs of 2007, LC Detect(SM) is a simple blood test to facilitate the identification of lung cancer, even among individuals with early-stage disease. Panacea Laboratories, a division of Panacea Pharmaceuticals, is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA). The blood sample can be ordered by any physician and sent to Panacea for testing
"Recognition by Time Magazine of the importance of early detect of lung cancer using LC Detect(SM) represents a significant milestone for Panacea, and acknowledgement of the clinical importance of this diagnostic test," cited Hossein Ghanbari, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO and CSO of Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. "Widespread use of LC Detect(SM) should facilitate detection of lung cancer at an earlier stage when effective treatment has a better chance of saving lives and reducing mortality from the number one cancer worldwide."
It is developments like these we need to watch, my concern is whose job is it ensure we are ready at the earliest opportunity.
As a prostate cancer patient I have been let down by our system.

I have two friends who have also have prostate cancer and feel they have been let down, one in so far as he and his wife are selling up their home here to move down to Cardiff to be near their two children who work in Cardiff and have made their homes there, so that the husband can have his last few months with his family and die knowing his wife will be looked after when he is gone. They were born in this area and lived all their lives here, I think this is going to be a big cultral shock for them. My other friend was a young man when he was diagnosed, and is still a very only in his late 40's and has lived with this over his head for quite a few years and every year he just gets weaker.

Dear agedlady I have prostate cancer, was given 5 years to live when diagnosed had and still have no symptoms. I am 3 years into my living hell but totally positive. I and other campaigners took on Health Commission Wales last year to commission Brachytherapy; one of our group took out a judicial review and won. We are now going to take on the system that has put us and many men in this situation as you are fully aware. Too many good and just men have given their lives to a health service that should be more proactive in screening and diagnosis, but I believe it should not just be my cancer but all.
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