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Following Teresa May's decision to call a snap General Election on 8th June, it is VITALLY important that we all work together to stop UKIP and the Tories in their tracks. Vote for any of the Welsh parties who support the process of continued devolution in Wales- Labour, Plaid, LibDem, Green or Independent- but don't give any votes to the Conservatives or to UKIP, who would see Wales remain as an ignored vassal of Westminster and it's needs swept under the carpet. UKIP want to abolish the Senedd and see our nation go back to being run directly from London- we can't afford to let this happen, we are a seperate nation and have come so far.

The BBC ignores us as it is, so few people get a chance to see UK nationwide coverage of Welsh Affairs. Let this June be a chance for us to turn the tide and rid ourselves of UKIP representation in Wales. We are not by nature a right-wing nation- for pity's sake get out there and cast a vote that will secure further Welsh autonomy on June 8th.