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Dance classes

As one of many people who over indulged at christmas I made a new years resoulution to get fit and healthy...... but I need something to keep me on track. I'd really love to start a dance class, maybe Salsa or Belly dancing or something. Does anyone know of any classes? Please!!!!

well i know that jan from the old witches cottage does belly dancing, not sure how to get hold of her though. i'll keep my eye out in the leader. or i think even judith tooms from the antique shop between les golden kitchen and the afon dar does belly dancing too maybe an idea to ask her.

if you go to that cafe a few doors up from burtons there is a window full of adverts for different things, there has to be a dance one there somewhere

Thanks for that!

here we go chick heres a list of all local belly dancing classes and jan prices contact details are on it.